T21 received without Advertised contents

As part of the UK black friday offer, the T21 tablet was supposed to include a free flip case and the included contents description stated that a charger was also included.

These were not included when it arrived.

I have contacted customer support and I await their response. Has anyone had a similar experience? They should not have ( and still are ) advertising contents in their black friday promotion that are incomplete.

I am trying to support Nokia by purchasing their products ( i have a phone also ) and divert away from the big buck company's, but stunts like this offend me.

I'll keep you informed.



  • Update,

    It has now been several days since I first contacted customer support about my issue. I have also used the chat function in between in order to make progress. Apart from an acknowledgment that my issue has been escalated I have not heard one scrap of advice about how my issue is going to be resolved. The only information available is that I will be emailed once the case has been looked at. This is poor customer service Nokia.

    If Nokia's senior Management have access to these forums, they need to resolve these levels of delays. The chat function is powerless in my situation. I suspect it will be easier to return the item and get a refund than wait for a resolvent of my case. That's what it feels like to me.

    Nokia, when people read that you are not progressing a valid complaint in a reasonable time without regular updates, then I guess new customers will be wary of a future Nokia purchase in the belief, that any issues that may arise are going to take an extended period of time to resolve.

    My satisfaction star rating is diminishing by the day.

    I will keep you updated providing there is anything to update you with of course.


  • Well, my patience has finally run out. Following zero advice from customer service about resolving my issue I have finally managed to return the item back to Nokia.

    What a shambolic customer service system is being operated here. Zero progress in over a week, zero communication unless implemented by myself and a returns system that won't allow you to return the product while your account and order number are showing an incorrect status ie ' on the way ' even though it's been in my home for over a week.

    Only when the status indicates “Successfully delivered”. will the automatic returns mechanism process appear.

    It maybe that customer service can override this, but it is, yet another obstacle presented to you.

    I hope these chats above highlight to you, what could await you in the event of an issue with Nokia and you can then act accordingly.

    My next step is to email Ricky Corker who is Nokia's Chief customer experience officer and pass my observations to him.

    Either the customer service teams are being told or forced to operate in this way or/are possibly under-resourced and are not able to respond in a more productive way.

    We shall see, pretty soon.


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    In India when it will be release t21?

  • when will be launch in India

  • Talking about fake advertising.

    I bought this tablet (over the T20) because of the possibility to use a Wacom stylus.

    Because of the lack of information about Wacom pencils models compatibility, i bought one that was magnetic, and it didn't worked. When I contacted Nokia customer support chat, they didn't had a clue about which Wacom Pen model was compatible, so they suggest me to take contact with Wacom customer support.

    Wacom customer support translated the description "device is compatible with Wacom WGP- and Wacom Active ES™ 2.0" as compatible with their Wacom Ink pencils, so I bought Wacom Ink 2nd gen. It didn't work neither.

    After that and 100 dollars less in my pocket, I came in contact with Nokia customer support again telling them that not even the suggested by Wacom pencil worked so if they could guide me about which one works so I could stop buying another incompatible pen. Chris (from customer support) answered to me that the "situation is under investigation by the proper department" so "as soon as we have further information most likely we will contact you by email". That was a week ago, I i still have no answer.

    It feels like Nokia is developing great products but the customer support department is not aware about it.

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    The web page for Wacom ink/ink plus doesn't specify the version of AES supported by pen. You can also try if it works with any of the compatible apps like Wacom Bamboo Paper.

    Check this post by T21 user for finding a compatible pen.