Nokia X30 speaker static noise, hissing

Hi everyone, i would like to know if anyone else has the same problem or it is just me who is super unlucky with the brand. (got a faulty Nokia BH805, i cant even get it replaced, so i got the money back). Now the X30 has this hissing, static noise in every video with the inbuilt speaker, making content-comsuming unbearable. The problem occurs even on low and high volume. I realy hope its software related, i dont want to send the phone back, just like the headset.

I read the same problem on older Nokia phones, anyone any suggestion, idea? I tried to contact Nokia, but no answer so far...

Dissapointed after switching from a Nokia 7plus....



  • Same here, it's very prudent at low noise. Just like it is blown or so, been so since I received the phone. I hope for a software update.. Please?

  • Same here. I really thought HMD would have improved quality but for now I think I'll return the X30. Very disappointing, especially when considering the price tag. Will probably go for the Moto edge30 neo. My X30 also has shutters and is not as fluid as it could and should be. If HMD doesn't release a fix soon, I'll be done with the brand.

  • Same issue here with the hissing and static noise, can't believe this got past quality control. Would be great if it was a software fix but I'm not holding out hope. Not sure what to do as the phone is fine apart from this.

  • Yeah, same here. Maybe it could be fixed with update then, or could there be some failure in the speaker which is commonly broken?

  • I hope they fix this. Hugely disappointing. I would've thought this wouldn't get past quality control. Hugely disappointed for the price...

    I hope this is fixed.

  • I notice this mostly on low volume. On loud volume I notice it less, might depend what you're listening to. A problem of course, especially when hearing notifications.

  • Here the same with the Speaker with my new device.

    Should i wait for an Update or send to Nokia Care?

  • Same here with the same problem.It is super disappointing considering the price tag. You lazy bast...s...better release the update soon,otherwise I am done with this brand...😐️

  • I have sent an email to Nokia customer service,I advise you to do the same.Now lets wait on their reply.

    WHat do you guys think about downgrading to G60 instead?It has much poorer camera,but the rest seems to be comparable,the soc,gpu.IPS ain't that bad too .

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    same issue. Built-in speaker is poor quality. Thinking to get rid of this device. Previous device Mi 10T Pro was much more stable and better quality for almost all features. Bad experience, after many years I thought Nokia made a good device, unfortunately not, even with Android :(

  • Right,me too,the thing is,nobody from Nokia seemed to confirm the problem even exist,I hope they are aware and the problem only relates to the software update.

  • I've returned my phone. Likelihood that it can be fixed by a software bug is so so low. I've returned my phone and I would recommend you'd do the same while you have the chance.

  • Ok,I am thinking about it too . Still got the time to return this phone.Its only the speaker,the rest is flawless,still its very annoying .Has anyone of your sent that phone for a repair?

  • I have 2 X30's, one has the issue while the other doesn't. If I had to guess I would say some units are shipping with a defective speaker. Will send it for repair to see if they can fix it.

  • Hi Abdullah,

    If I am not mistaken that is really you:)

    Glad to hear we are not alone with this issue.I just order the version with 6gb of ram,just to check whether that version is defect free.If it is,the version with 8gb of ram will be sent back to Amazon.I can't be bothered with the repair procedures,I really need that phone as my daily driver.

    We would appreciate if you could update us on your phone repair process :)

    Take care

  • I have the same issue - static/hissing noise coming from the speakers on low volume. Not sure what to do at the moment. I still have until the end of the month to return the phone. Other then the hissing noise, the phone works great. Do you think there is any chance for updates to fix this?

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    I don't think it can be fixed with a simple update, it seems to be a hardware issue because some devices have the problem while other devices don't.

  • Just to let you know,the version with 6gb or ram has exactly the same problem,so I will be sending that one back.I'll stick with the one I use

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    Short update from me, since I also bought the X30 in the last good price campaign and was affected by the same speaker problem, I did not return the device, but sent it directly to Nokia Care - Nokia's repair service.

    After about 5 working days, the device was returned by DHL Express and actually repaired.

    According to the repair slip, it was a software update.

    More details were not given, but as suspected, it is probably due to the speaker driver.

    The sound is now really quite good and no comparison to before!

    Since I've had a few Nokia devices before, (Lumia930,1020, Nokia8s/9 etc) I would almost say that the best speaker is installed here for me, but not perfect.

    The one from 7.2 should also be good, but I didn't have it.

  • good morning.

    I have the same problem too. On both phone. On the first x30 that I ordered and on the second x30 that they replaced the first. Purchased through Amazon at a good price. I will contact Amazon support again and see what to do. I definitely won't go ahead every week to have my phone replaced with one that may have the same problem. I think I will pass by for service and repair of the device.

  • I just sent my x30 to Nokia Care for a repair.This does not change the fact that Nokia sells a device with a broken speaker.Why?If like the other customer mentioned,only software update is required,why would they not simply release that update for us ? That phone was not cheap,comparing to other mid range devices and yet they gave us such a mediocre speaker to begin with,no Atmos,no dual speaker,only Ozo audio,which is definitely behind the newest audio formats . I still own the Nokia 8,its a solid,well crafted phone,been using it since for 6 years now but this issue with Nokia has left me very disappointed .

    What now?They're gonna warn every new owner of x30 about that speaker issue,like,oh hey guys that speaker might be defective,if it is contact Nokia care for further details.Seriously?

  • Since they only did an update for me without changing the speaker, it will probably also be integrated into a new version of Android 13.

    It's still a shame, of course, but it could be a reason why there hasn't been an A13 for the X30 yet.

  • This Is the answer that they give to me. I'm very unhappy at the Moment.

    Dear Dennis,

    Your NOKIA X30 5G is being prepared for shipment to the address you provided. Unfortunately, the fault is not covered by warranty and your phone is either beyond economical repair (not repairable) or the repair quote has been rejected.

     Reason: No Fault Found

    How can they not found the problema. It Is clairy audible. I have no words.

  • So the conclusion is,we all have to wait for the A13 update . I will keep you guys updated in terms of my x30 repair status .

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    Fortunately I've returned mine for a full refund. Guess I'm done with this brand.

  • Mee too, sent it to nokia care and they sent me this Message.

    Dear Patrick,


    Your NOKIA X30 5G is being prepared for shipment to the address you provided. Unfortunately, the fault is not covered by warranty and your phone is either beyond economical repair (not repairable) or the repair quote has been rejected.


    Reason: No Fault Found


    You will receive an email with your shipping reference number once dispatched.


    For any further assistance or support please contact us via



    Nokia Mobile Care Team

    By me its so that sometimes this disturbing noise was and not always. I had this disturbing noise also in your videos, a total of about 50% of the videos. Was it by you also so.

  • So,the x30 came back with the updated software,according to Nokia Care.

    The speaker sounds better,although not perfect,in my opinion,the issue still occurs but lets say its less annoying now. I live in Poland,phone has been sent to Hungary,came back within 2 working days via DHL Express.

    They also suggested to me to update the system regurarly,like I did not know that .

  • Sadly,the problem still exist.It is super disappointing .I listen to the music a lot ,podcasts and the sound is unbearable . What am I suppose to do now ,send it back for a repair again ?

    Can someone from Nokia,confirm this issue is being taken care of ?