Nokia X30 5G not updating?

Nokia X30 5G not updating. Last update "00WW_1_210" No a-00WW_1_210_SP01 is received either. Nor -00WW_1_210_SP02.What could be the reason? Official card purchased in Hungary independent.

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    It's like the support centre of Nokia it doesn't respond .... updates are not downloaded

  • I have the same issue. I am in Australia, and my X30 is at release level 5 July 2022 and says it is up to date when I check for updates. I've spoken to Nokia chat who just say "wait until the updates are released". When I asked which updates have been released in Australia, they couldn't tell me.

    I specifically purchased the X30 because my old Nokia was long out of support, and this one promised 3 years of updates. If the issue is because they haven't been released yet, that's very disappointing. If it's because of something i've done/not done on my phone I'd love to understand how to fix it.

    Thank you

  • Hard reset! It solved the problem.

  • Hmmm ... I've just spent the last three days setting it up ;). Not keen to do this unless I can be sure it addresses the issue (the phone was new, so presumably had already been in factory condition before I set it up?). Will perhaps wait a little while until I can confirm that there have been security releases for Australia.

  • Just to close this out. This morning (Feb 2) the phone offered an OS update and the January 2023 patch (2.3GB total, I guess because it didn't have any other patches installed). It now gives Jan 5 2023 as the release date and 00WW_1_310 as the release level. I guess it's up to date now.

    It seems the advice from Nokia to just wait for updates to be made available was correct. Hope everyone else with the issue gets sorted too.

  • Did you see any improvements,like smoother or something?

  • To be honest, I've yet to notice any differences, but I haven't had a good look.

  • ty powershark! greetings from Lithuania. My device was very unstable (wifi was disconnecting after it was entering deep sleep) and no updates were offered while device was running really old fw. What really helped - your note that you are from Australia. I've managed to install GPS faker (free) + VPN (with money back guarantee) and suddenly device discovered the update I was looking for last few hours.

  • this slow region-by-region update roll-out does not make sense when device is unusable because of problems like in

  • Nokia is proud about updates,but x30 still not has Android 13.

    Sorry but this is unacceptable.

    We get maybe Android 13 when 14 is out.

  • There is a charging issue with the new build. The battery type is unknown according to Ampere, CPU-z etc. Without the battery type known it obviously affects the ability to charge. Charging is limited to around 8W, it's very noticeable on a good fast charger and slightly noticeable on an older model Nokia charger. It also could possibly be an issue in not charging the battery properly, and causing battery damage over time seeing it can't identify it properly

    Bedtime mode thinks your phone is always on charge, and sets greyscale regardless of whether you're on charge after the specified time or not.

    Is a dud build, your not missing much. I almost sent mine back for a refund as I thought I had a faulty phone regarding charging as it was only charging at 2 W for a short while. It's been confirmed with someone else the issue exists.

    I guess no fix until Android 13, but which point our batteries may be killed due to improper charging.