Android 13 on x20



  • Recorded issues after the upgrade to Android 13

    - Google Lens not working

    - Black screen that requires to reboot my phone

    - Screen Cast not working. Starts and stops immediately while trying to connect

    + Faster response and better performance

  • The Google Authenticator app is not able to scan new QR codes anymore. Probably because the camera is not working properly (as for Lens)

  • Zelfde als bovengenoemde problemen ****, maar ook op onze T20, die start helemaal niet meer op, wat ik ook probeer

  • same still here but also with the WIFI, one person at customers service said not to worry, its the softwere and problems will be solved soon. Second, who i talked to after one day said something completely differrend and its my mobile, have to get it repaired at their survice centers. Now facing high cost in mobile data and cannot miss my mobile. Did any have contact with them as well and what was their answer?

  • I have just exacly the same problem with X10 (Poland). Nokia chat suggest me to send my phone to service. I asked what they will do with this? I made factory settings reset, nothing changes.

    Please ask Nokia together about this, they broke our phones!

  • Every app works fine, but phone/screen is black and unresoonsive every morning. Need to force shutdown ( on/off-button in apx 8 sec ), then it work rest of the day. Dont matter if it is charging or not, still black. Powersaver that is the problem? Will try this night w-out powersaver on.

  • I face the same problems:

    • Google Lens not working
    • Apps with Camera access not working (probably same problem)
    • System hangs on empty screen (only background) after turning it on. It works after several tries and is maybe related to fingerprint reader too.
    • Phone stays sometimes awake and not entering standby mode

    + Performance and battery lifetime was improved

    Nokia should put their resources into fixing these issues, as they make the phone really hard to use. I have no clue why such a bad update passes the quality control and testing.

  • After update of android 13, my google lens and screen mirroring dont work.

  • Do u guys have the same issue?

  • Hello, I'm not sure whether it is related with the upgrade to Android 13, but after upgrade the signal sensitivity is super poor. If I stay in a place with a strong network coverage (doesn't matter whether 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G) it works perfectly. But, if I just move a little in a place where the signal is not simply perfect, than there is no signal at all - not even to allow calls. This has been verified with both sim slots (even using one of them only), with multiple operators, and even by forcing 2G, for instance. Of course, the same sim cards in the same locations, but with other phones, work PERFECTLY and never get disconnected. Am I the only one with such a problem?

  • Google Lens and Authenticator dont work. Cant use the camera to Scan QR codes.

    Android Auto doesnt work properly with bluetooth. During the call It disconnects and close the call After 5 seconds.

    Even with factory reset nothing changes.


  • Have they pulled the Android 13 update for the X20 & XR20?

    My X20 is still stuck on Android 12 with the October security update, but perhaps it's a validation issue with my network provider.

  • The same by me, after the update to 13, no Google Lens and Google Authenticator have no camera access, other apps like Amazon can use the camera.

  • emmet
    emmet ✭✭

    All of the above issues, with some variations, since upgrade to Android 13. Bluetooth for car NEVER attaches phone function, but will allow input from phone media player most of the time.

    Can't get back into phone apps after unlocking; unless you set camera function to come on after pressing power twice; press power twice, then close the camera and you will find yourself back on the app screen.

    This really needs to be resolved as soon as possible. It's terribly slovenly work, exactly the kind of thing that brought me back to Nokia after 15 years with Sony. 🙁

  • It doesn't work on mine. I still can't use "Lens", to make an example...

  • Received the January update for Android 13 today in the UK.

    The camera issue with Google Lens and Google Authenticator still remains.

    I haven't seen any of the other issues personally so can't confirm if they are fixed or not.

  • I have the same issues since last update shortly for Christmas, Nokia G50, Android 13, Dezember Updatate. I have now, after the last post a big hope that January Update will fix these bugs.

    The biggest problem is black screen after call and double touch for awaking. In all tests, everything works fine, but anyhow I am getting these issues few times per week. Only reboot help.

  • By me, too. With X20, also after the 2023-01 Update.

    The camera issue with Google Lens and Google Authenticator still remains.


  • Nokia doesn't even bother to update their release summary:

    Why does it have to take so much time to fix a "big" problem...

  • I had a chat with Nokia an hour ago, they are still aware of the issues and are saying an update is being released. I do not know if they mean the january sec. update, or a separate update of the camera app for example.

    Also the list of updates on is being forwarded to the team.

  • i think, there is an MR Update needed, SP will only be aimed in the security.

  • Owen102
    edited January 22

    Hello so my xr20 keep full phone crashing only the picture on the lock screen will load. My Bluetooth crash when I connect to android alto I did solve that problem by turning off the media so only sharing calls and contact, predictive text crashed and I only had it 2 days (the update)

  • Google Authenticator QR scanner won't open the camera - just a black screen

    Unlocking the phone often just shows the background but there is no UI. Need to re-lock and unlock again, sometimes several times before the phone is operational

    They are the two big things for me.

    We just chipped in for a Pixel 7 for my son, that is a solid device and may well be my next device, even if it is a little expensive.

  • getting camera issues

  • There is definitely an issue with the camera not connecting to Google lens, Google translate, etc with android 13 on x20 with latest January security patch, Nokia Live chat of no real help, banking app does not even connect to camera for face recognition anymore. Nokia need to install update with camera patch as its no longer compatible with certain apps

  • Same here, after the upgrade to Anndroid 13, the google lens is not working. In addition, it is not possible to use the Zoom feature to take photos.

    Is it normal? When it is planned to solve these problems?

  • Sinds laatste update naar Android 13 zie ik niet wie mij beld. Wel hoor ik het overgaan. Het display komt dan veel later en voor ik kan opnemen is beller al weg