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  • My X20 after the upgrade to Android 13, the google lens is not working, or google translate cannot connect to camera,  also google authenticator cannot use camera for reading qr codes. It seems all google apps that use a camera where bugged by this update.

    Nokia need to fix this issue as it appears every x20 is affected. 

  • Have you checked camera permission for each app?

  • Fabulous tip, I even unplugged and restarted.

    It could be that all who use this forum have tried it before with the standard procedures, ie reset all apps, check permissions etc.

    Therefore fault lies with Nokia or even Google itself.

  • It could be that they have tried it before, but no one said they did, they just complain about it not working.

    PS, I made sure the permissions are correct, and my phone works perfectly.

  • Yep same propblem Google lens and Authenticator -all have proper permissions but just black screen

  • I have been experiencing major problems with the XR20 since the Android 13 upgrade three weeks ago. The phone has been sent back to Nokia Hungary twice in that period. This company is a total waste of time when it comes to Customer Service. They have failed to fix the bluetooth problems. Each time the phone was returned it had the same faults. Would not connect to calls from the car would dial the number and then disconnect. If you managed to make a call from the phone whilst in the vehicle it would not disconnect. Nokia accept they have problems with this upgrade but are not prepared to do anything abouit it. They were requested to send the phone back with Android 12 but refused to do it. They expect to get business uses to purchase their phones but offer rubbish after sales service. They need to get their act together. I would be interested to know if anyone else has managed to get the bluetooth problems resolved in total. I would also be interested to know if you can block an XR20 phone from further upgrages as I have obtained another phone which thankfully is operating on Android 12 and the phones works perfect on that version. Also is it possibel to accept the security patches that are sent out on a regular basis without the phone upgrading the Android version

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    Do you have many BT connections at once? The only time I have Bluetooth connection problems with my car is when I have 3 or more connected devices - e.g. car, AA Wireless adaptor, dashcam, headphones. With 2 devices connected - no problems. With 3 devices - sometimes will make call correctly, sometimes not. With 4 devices connected - won't make calls with car's audio. I've only done limited experimentation but that's what seems to happen. I put it down to a limitation with BT technology. I've turned off my dashcam BT (not sure what it's for) and I try to remember to turn off my headphones when I return to my car.

  • It's now about 3 months since Nokia released this broken update. This should be enough time to fix it, but it looks like there is no customer support and no development effort here 🤨. Probably they only focus on new phones. This was definitely my last Nokia phone after several Nokia phones 😡

  • Same here, X20 on Android 13, no Google apps can access the camera although some other apps can. 2 updates since Android 13 released and no fix.

    Just got an email offering me the new X30. Why would I trust another Nokia phone if they won't)can't sort this issue out!?

  • Latest update - chatted with Nokia Support - March 15 2023. Still no fix, suggested using other camera apps, said they hope to solve the issue in the next set of updates ...... see the attached screenshot.

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    New update is arrived.some says it helped

  • Yes, ist´s correct with the new update google lens and authenticator works !!!

    Patch: 05 February 2023


  • Indeed, the 3.470 update (5th Feb 2023) was just pushed out to my phone, and Lens/Translate work again now.

    This is not a success story, though. This is a story of Nokia failing its customers. Security updates to Android 12 stopped while I was dubious about upgrading to 13 because of the reported issues, so I had to choose between sticking with something that worked, or being more secure. Eventually I did it anyway, because I bought this phone specifically for the promise of long-term security and OS updates. I consider myself lucky that I didn't encounter issues with apps I commonly use that need the camera (banking, etc).

    It's not good enough. Unless Nokia can demonstrate that it will do better to communicate potential issues in phones, clearly help users establish what security issues are fixed with what update (and what severity they are so they can decide if it's a concern to them or not), and commit to a timeline to address concerns rather than hand-wavey "we're working on it", I'm not likely to buy another.

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    The last update, released a couple of weeks ago, fixed everything, including the poor signal issue (which to me was the most impactful problem, although almost nobody reported it, which is something I found unbelievable; people reported things like Bluetooth and the camera, but almost nobody cared about the poor signal problem... crazy). Now my X20 works perfectly, like before the Android 13 upgrade.