Android 13 problems with bluetooth

When my X20 is connected to my parrot 3100 when I get a call the audio keeps dropping. I didn't have this problem with android 12. Anybody else have this problem?



    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Yes Bluetooth is failing.also QR scanner is not working

  • Yes. Same problem with bluetooth. Phone handfree call keeps dropping after few seconds. Tested in two cars with dame results.

  • I got the same problem when using phone handsfree in my car, I got a failure and it drops in the car , but do not end the call on the phone

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    I have the same problems as above with my XR20 and bluetooth. What can i do? Back to Android 12?

  • hello my name is Philipp. i have the same problems with the Bluetooth and the QR scanner. I need both often for professional reasons. Is there already a solution here? 

  • twice contact with the helpdesk, first, they said it was the software upgrade to Android 13 and the second time it is my mobile which has a mechanical problem. Extremely annoying

    Now a phone without wifi and after reset cannot download my backup

  • Yes, i got same blutooth problem while connecting to car audio system. And home screen always not responding. Too slow, its hapend after updated to ando13

  • Nokia x10 screen mirroring and google lens not working with Android 13

  • after system update to android 13 on my nokia g50, screen mirroring does not work, any help please ?

  • Same here with android auto and Uconnect with bluetooth.

    Calls audio continue dropping After 5/6 seconds

  • I've got likley the same bleutooth problem while connecting to car audio system. Android Auto works fine, so far the apps I normally use. The connection with the phone function is working fine only it's impossible to set up a call or pickup a call.

  • Me too,phone connects to android auto perfectly fine but cannot make or receive a phone call...

    Dropping after 5 to 6 seconds every times.

    This is getting very anoying.

    So nobody found a fix for this ???

    Will now have to use ear buds in the truck,i don;'t like that...


  • idem problem

  • what is the solution????

  • Hi there

    Im dealing with the same Problem.

    Bluetooth Audio is working through my Car Audio System.

    But when I'm trying to make a call the call is for approx 5 seconds in the car audio system after that the system is saying "Bluetooth disconnected"

    I'm on a Nokia X10, but I'm guessing it's almost the same software release.

    Has anybody a solution or workaround for this ? Gets very annoying.

  • Yo tengo el mismo problema. Con bluetooth se conecta y desconecta todo el rato.

    No hay ninguna solución?

  • I am dealing with the same. Want to connect my car with Nokia X20 Android 13 via Bluetooth but still without any success. Phone full of notifications as UI stopped working or Bluetooth stopped working and on car system reports only Phone connected, phone disconnected and so it is again and again.

  • Nokia XR20 dropping Bluetooth connection with my car handsfree phone. Re paired, reset, hard reset, took car to the dealer.

    Clearly the update to android 13 is the problem. Intermittent phone audio dropping. Lots of unnecessary notifications.

    Please help. The phone is only 1 month old and Nokia has no service support or warranty centre in the United Kingdom.

    So I have no way of sending my phone back.

    How can Nokia sell in the UK if they have now return policy. It's illegal. I'm really unhappy I've tried everything.

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    Same problem with my NOKIA X20 Android 13, unstable bluetooth and constant disconnections with my smartwatch and SYNC 2.5 of my Ford car.

    I tried same check/Test with my old mobile NOKIA 6.1 - Android 9 , no problem obseverd.

    Android should make a patch for a NOKIA product and a precise model like our X20 (X10), I don't know if there will be a good chance, who should it be reported to?

  • Meantime I sent a report to the official Android site ..

  • Same problem here: Since Android 13 Bluetooth keeps switching on and off in my car. Super annoying because my car display keeps reporting the Bluetooth status and I can not switch this off except for shutting down the whole display.

    @Nokia : When is this issue, which obviously involves a lot of X20 users, fixed?

  • pd20
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    Same Problems with Bluetooth in Car or while connecting to Android Auto after Upgrade to Android 13 on Nokia X10 (Connecting/Disconnecting every few seconds). Solved by setting Bluetooth AVRCP-Version in Developer Options to AVRCP 1.4 (after Upgrade to Android 13 default is 1.5).

  • with my NOKIA XR20 after the update at android 13 the bluetooth, not working, and go to crush when connected at my car.

  • joe367
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    I would definitely recommend randomly changing blutooth related settings inside developer options. Had worked for me for G21 having similar issues.

  • after set uo AVRCP 1.4 it WORKS, thanks

  • Same problem here, after the upgrade to Android 13. It makes the phone worthless for daily use.

  • Please tell me how to downgrade to AVRCP 1.4 in X20. Thanks.

    The bluetooth problem persists even the fix was promised to be available on Jan.

  • pd20
    pd20 ✭✭

    1) Enable Developer Options: Go to Settings => About Phone and press 7 times consecutively on "Build Number".

    2) Go to Settings => System => Advanced and choose the Developer Options

    3) Search for "Bluetooth AVRCP-Version", choose it and you are able to change the version

  • Thanks.

    I tried AVRCP v1.4 and even 1.6. NO help the issue continues. Nokia support is promising a fix but seems that no-one knows when. Positive is that Nokia admits that there is a bug. Negative is tgat this bug was known right after android13 upgrade but no fix after several months.

    Are there any other walk-arounds to avoid this bug and get the bluetooth working in the car handsfree connectios?