Android 13 on the x30

Does anyone know when we can expect the x30 to receive the Android 13 upgrade?

I only see older models are receiving the upgrade already.

Anyone an idea about this ?


  • How about "no updates"?

    At least my X30-5G doesn't update and my mail to the support centre gets no response.

  • M.J.
    M.J. ✭✭

    Still on android 12 and the September update. Get nothing

  • I'm on Descender update 00WW_1_210_SP03 myself. I went from the G60 to the X30. In the G60 the phone got horribly out of date. Nokia support says it hadn't been approved by the Australian phone networks yet.

    It was a retail phone and none of the networks sold them. If books asked them of course they'd disagree, as it's nothing to do with them. Does Nokia expect them to approve every build ever delivered for all current mobile devices.

    It was of course a BS excuse. I just think they have a problem with their update rollout system and can't be bothered fixing it properly. This is proof of it, as although they fixed the rollout for the G60, the X30 is still muffed. I think you have to wait until a new build, which should be Android 13. If we get a build in the meantime, it would imply Android 13 is delayed.

  • Really disappointed with them. Support never contact back about issues even emails HMD direct and nothing. Really regret my choice

  • STT
    STT ✭✭

    You could now slowly expect an update to Android 13. Android 13 was introduced by Google last year in September. No idea why HMD Global takes so long. That would be a selling point for many - but unfortunately the updates just come too late. Android 14 is already in development. 

  • HMD need to soleve a lot of bug that exisitng in Android 12.

    So, i believe that it will take months in order to release Android 13.

  • it is too slow... i dont know why they dont release Android 13

    I think Android one is very easy to develop

  • It seems Nokia don't use the GSI feature of Android. They should just have a single GSI with the Nokia specific stuff across all devices, then the whole OS side of things would be resolved. Every device would be running the same build of Android making updates much easier. The firmware side of things is a different issue, apparently Google are working on simplifying it but it still may take several Android versions. Of course both are supplied together, but at least if using a Nokia GSI timely updates would be much less of an issue.

    As it stands, they are lying in their marketing about updates and sooner or later they will get fined for false and misleading advertising if things don't improve.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    I don't think nokia have the fault always.they are releasing updates timely,maybe 15 -30 days delay.i think network providers messing up with updates.I bought nokia x20 from uk and iam living in india. my phone is up-to-date with Android 13 and march security update just got 1 hour some countries updates are blocked.I don't actually know why others didn't getting the updates.

  • Maybe by the end of April they we release the update I mean android 13

  • The network providers don't have any say in retail devices, that's just an excuse. The network providers aren't going to approve or disapprove of every update for every phone of the past few years. 'Nokia' may stagger the release of big updates for bandwidth reasons, but the regional blocking of updates has no valid argument.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Then why iam getting all updates on time.I bought my phone (x20) from uk retail store and living in india.i didn't tried to put uk sim even one time.The funny fact is that Nokia x20 hasn't released in india.its a European version.I don't think not many people bought this phone here.

    As it is a European version, updates are releasing thinking phone operates in Europe.

  • Android 13 has started rolling out for the X30 in some countries, including Finland and Germany: Android 13 update available for download now on Nokia X30 5G and Nokia G60 5G (

  • Region blocking doesn't seem to affect phone models that weren't released in a particular area.

  • Hey guys,

    X30 5G/G60 5G just released its first Android 13, and check this out.

  • Android 13 now available on X30, widespread release.

    Battery charging issue still present, which is a bad sign. I think they disabled it due to issues and hoped nobody would notice that PPS 33 W charging and QC 3.0 is unavailable. Phones only charge at 10-12 W standard charge.