Android 13

Android 13 has arrived in Finland just now


  • Do not upgrade

    Now lost mobile data switch

    Screen cast does not work

    Having worked for Nokia for 15 years, standards have fallen to allow buggy software to be released

  • I installed the A13 to my Nokia G50 but after that I see few issues.

    1. issue - every few days the doubletouch for waking the screen up stops working. Restart of the phone does not help. It needs to disable lockscreen double touch and re-enable it.
    2. issue - every few days the display timeout stops working and the device does not turn off the screen without pushing the power button. Phone restart helps
    3. issue - automatic wifi searching is turned off but every few days the phone turns it on with no interaction from my side. So I must open the settings and turn it off again.

    It is really annoying. I had Nokia 4.2. Nokia 5, Nokia 5.1 and Nokia 5.3 and all of them have some issues after the Android update. I am so sad but it seems like the updates are getting worse.

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    Nokia mobile has officially confirmed Android 13 compatibility with five of its smartphones: The Nokia XR20 5G, G50 5G, G11 Plus, X20 5G and X10 5G. Of these five, three have received cheap u shaped sofa uk by the official build so far: the X20 5G, XR20 5G and X10 G5.

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