WiFi not working after Android 13 update on Nokia XR20

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Translated from Original:

Hi all,

Since the update to Android 13 I no longer have WiFi and the phone no longer finds WiFi. I've tried everything, but nothing works. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Greetings Roel

Original (in Dutch)

Sinds de update naar android13 heb ik geen wifi meer en vindt de telefoon ook geen wifi meer. Ik heb alles geprobeerd maar niks werkt. Heeft iemand de oplossing voor dit probleem?

Groetjes Roel



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    I cannot answer foryour WIFI problem, but since the update to Android 13 (installed 2 days ago) my XR20 greets me every morning with a blackscreen. Restart (pressing vol up and power buttons simultaneously) wil fix the problem. But: same problem again the next morning. Anyone else has troubles with the 13 update? And hopefully ideas how to solve them?

  • Same problem: no WiFi after update to Android 13. Factory reset doesn't work. Device doesn't even have a MAC address. Was hoping to find a solution here! 

  • same problem here, after updating to Android 13 WiFi is not usable anymore.

    i tested it with AIDA64-app. it doenst matter if the wifi switch is on or off it shows always "device disabled" ... for me it looks like android 13 is not able to get in touch with the wifi module in the XR20

    hello nokia: please fix it quick... smartphone without wifi is a kind of ridiculous.


  • Same here, Update to Android 13, wifi toggle switches off automatically.

    Did a factory reset, didn't help, it doesn't even find wifi networks.

    Can't even do a restore of my backup, since I don't have wifi.

  • Me2 😕

    First i had a list of saved wifi networks from android 12, after reset networks it's gone.

    Now I can't add wifi networks because it doesn't turn on wifi making the phone use very limited.

    Many apps can't use wifi and some can only work using wifi.

    This also happens with other brands so it's clearly an android 13 issue that's been here for months.

    Rolling back to Android 12 would be great but that's impossible.

  • Same here (Germany) updated on 21.12. no WLAN since update, all measures proposed by nokia support chat did not fix it, even persists after factory reset. Support chat member mentioned a future patch but without any clue when this will arrive. Only option offered is to send in the device.

  • Very hard to believe that on a Android One device a fault like that - which is known to be there since Feb 2022 on Google Pixel phones - is still rolled out unfixed...

  • Send it in just before Xmas, a no go.

    I ordered it from the Nokia webshop and it traveled through half of Europe.

    The saved wifi list is still there but I can't access it (shows a blank screen).

  • Same here, dit a factory reset, but didn't help.

    The 'saved networks' page is white, the toggle that enables wifi switches itself off.

    Very nice X-mas present. With all my previous phones together, I've never had that much problems as with this Nokia :-(

  • same here, no more wifi, also problems starting up. tried resetting and restating but no luck

  • singhnsk
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    Hi all, this doesn't help with your problem, but at least my Nokia XR20 is fine after the Android 13 update. The WiFi works as expected. There is probably the use of WiFi chips from different vendors and they missed testing the update package on all such product revisions.

    Also, as this post is getting attention, I have edited the title and first comment with a translation to English, which will suit more audiences of the forums from different regions.

  • zelfde probleem op mijn xr 20 sinds de update naar mijn gevoel een communicatieprobleem tussen android en de wifi hardware

  • Eu am un Nokia g50 5g când aveam android 12 mi se bloca telefonul când îl solicitam,acum la android 13 nu se mai blochează nu mai trebuie restart,doar că nu mai pot face oglindire ,proiecție pe tv,scanează îl găsește dar când dau clic pe numele tv dispare și spune că nu la găsit......mai are cineva problema asta?știe cineva vreo rezolvare că reset factorul,și gard reset nu dau roade,vă mulțumesc.

  • Problema asta ,știe careva vreo rezolvare?va mulțumesc!.

  • Same problem here, wifi can't be turned on.

  • Bohužel i já Nokia XR 20 WiFi problém,česká republika,plus objevyli po novém android i další problémi,tento android 13 asi nejhorší

  • Same problem here, no Wi-Fi, turning it on freezes the phone for a couple of seconds, but no networks are found. I am from the Czech Republic - not sure if the location could have anything to do with it.

  • Same issue here in BE.

    Update to android 13, no more wifi afterwards.

    Is this a Google issue or a Nokia Issue?

    Who will pay for my mobile data usage?

  • Tu singur îți plătești datele ,ei sunt săraci nu au bani de facturi......și nici nu-i interesează

  • The language of the first post is Dutch, not German 😉

    I hope an update can be done OTA, same as in Google Play where you can choose to use gsm data.

    How do we know wether Nokia (and Google) is aware of this problem and start to fix it?

    To me it looks like an unknown wifi chip that got no update or the wrong one.

    That would explain the 'hanging' in the wifi menu's and the error when you try to setup an wifi AP.

    For now I use my old Nokia 7 plus, very frustrating but better then nothing.

    With Android 12 this phone worked fine and it did all what I expected.

  • Is there any way the update to 13 can be prevented on the phone until this is fixed? I only just bought my XR20 a week ago, updated to Android 12, and only just got Wifi printing working ten minutes ago - I will be very, very upset if I lose Wifi at the next update.

  • Also, can someone tell me how to start a new thread on here? I can't figure it out. Thanks.

  • right at the top of the page is a button "+ new post"

  • hello nokia - is someone of you reading here?

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    You need to be registered on the forums for more than 24 hours to be able to get the permission of starting your own thread. Annoying limitation, but was once deployed to prevent bot spam. Has been the same thereafter.

    Sorry for my shortsightedness. I kinda assumed it to be German. I'll make the edit again 🙊

    Good place to talk with co-users, and discover if others are on the same boat. And maybe also suitable to amplify the situation. However, Nokia Support isn't here. So, best way to get an answer from them would be to send them an email. I am not very sure how often (if at all) employees come here to pick up some feedback.

  • Thanks for the feedback on new posts - I'll wait for my 24 hours to elapse.

    I hope Nokia do read these posts, as pretty much 50% of the device's functionality is removed with Wifi not working. I don't remember whether I was given an option to upgrade Android, but if it's automatic, it's a poor situation to drop users into if it then disables Wifi.

  • That's why thought about a hardware version or a sn range with affected phones.

    The update option will be announced and you have to respond if you want to install A13.

    My trust that it would be ok was misplaced, after the update I found this topic and the same experience with other brands like Samsung.

    Because other brands have the exact same issue it looks like an Android problem to me.

  • Hello! I also have a Wi-Fi problem. If I try to turn it on, it says: UI stops closing the program?

  • Same Problem here. The HMD Support Chat is aware of the Problem. But they dont have a Android 12 Image for a Downgrade, thats really poor. Its ok when something dont work with the new update but give the customers a Rollback to the safe-system. Hopefully the guys working on the Patch before New Year.

  • And another user here with the same issues.