Nokia India management being the worst

Other mobile companies: - releasing there best 4g phones as fast as possible prior to 5g expansion.

Le Nokia India: - waiting for 5g to expand and then release the best 4g phones.

The above point is the reason of Nokia under performing in Indian market and better performing in US and UK.

Please release the Nokia G300, X100, and G50 in India.


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    The triple-digit phone models are exclusive to USA, and they will not be launched in any other markets. They are specially built with carriers in mind.

    The Nokia G50 is already outdated and there is no point of launching it in the Indian market anymore.

    I do fully understand your dissatisfaction. However, everything is not as easy as you may assume. Let the management handle it. And let the higher level (global) management take action at the Indian management if they find any cases of lousy execution.

    The Nokia G60 was brought to India. The asking price is higher primarily because of it being imported from China.

  • pranay gizmotech
    edited December 2022

    But still could have launched that quality of products in Indian market such as G300 or X100. Because Nokia has not launched any phone in mid range say 15k-16k. Nokia is launching in low range 8k-12k and high range above 24k-25k. Mid range is lost. Last quality products from Nokia were 3.4 and 5.4 in mid range.