Google Lens no longer working since update to Android13

Since the upgrade to Android13 on my Nokia X20, Google lens is no longer working. When opened, I see the complete app but then just the "waiting circle animation". After a few seconds it report that the camera is not working.

This is obvious not the case, I can take pictures just fine.

Tried clearing the cache, reinstall.... can't get it to work.

Any ideas?



  • I am also facing same issue , Support chat says it will be fixed in next update

  • Google lens still not fixed in december update, ridiculous for a stock android phone to have bug in stock apps haha

  • google lens problem same here.

    please fix @nokia

  • Same problem here. I spent ages clearing app caches, reinstalling the relevant apps, checking permissions, and re-reading troubleshooting guides.

    Shouldn't there be unit tests that warn the developers about releasing an OS update that breaks some of the core apps? In the current state, I don't want automated OS updates without the possibility of reviewing potential problems that users have documented.

  • I also have a problem with the camera in the Lens app and Google translate. Screen mirroring doesn't work for me either. I wiped caches and finally did a factory reset. Nothing helps. I'm also having trouble logging into online banking. The phone cannot read the QR code. My phone is unusable after update.

  • I have x10, after updating to android 13, google ****, screen mirroring dont work.

  • Same problem, but first noticed when my Barclays Banking app cheque paying in function failed, not calling the camera, same problem with Google lens.

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    Google lens is not working,but phone can scan QR codes.I don't know its usable for every purpose but there is an inbuilt QR code scanner on the drop down menu.I use that for payments .

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    The same for me. I also face the same problem in other apps like Google Cardboard. I cannot read the QR code for the VR viewer settings the screen remains greyed out. I guess this is because the camera cannot be loaded. The default camera app seems to work for me.

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    Can they hurry up with the update? It's already affecting camera related app such as Steam and Google Translate.

  • I have the same issue with Google lens - Google translate cannot connect to my camera.

    Also have black screen 2 or 3 times a day.

  • Same here

  • Same Here.

    Google Authenticator not working , which is the biggest problem for me.

  • Nokia X20, Android version 13, Android security update 5. December 2022, Google Play system update 1. November 2022, software version 00WW_3_360_SP01:

    • Google authenticator not scanning QR codes (camera appears black)
    • Google lens showing black
    • Google translator not able to use camera (camera appears black)

  • ilpqu
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    Here the same. Update came (January, 5th 2023) but Lens still doesn't work.

  • Here the same. After January update, Google lens-, translator-, authenticator- ect. with camera support still don't work. Adieu Nokia :-(

  • Fox
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    Same here. I cannot get Google Lens to work :(

  • I also have the same problem Nokia X20

    Google Translate & QR Scanner cannot access camera although the camera works fine to take pictures I have reinstalled both apps cleared cache and been in contact with Nokia support who's advice is to put the phone back to factory settings - reading the above comments it would seem this rather drastic step does not work either - it's very annoying when updates affect the workings of the phone Upto this point I had thought the phone to be excellent and would have had no issue to recommend

  • Hi none of Google apps with camera support is working on my X20.

    @nokia Any update on resolution??

  • Google lens not working with camera also true for Nokia X10 ... very frustrating and just spent a couple of days back and forth with Nokia support suggestin all sorts of resets ....

    Glad at least to see its not just me.

  • Nokia support requests i try a factory reset! I have little confidence this would work and also be a pain to set everything up again.

    Anyone tried a factory reset for this problem ??

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    Just annoying! Nokia simply ignores the damage to the "Lens" (and other applications). A rollback to Android 12 might make sense, or a repair. But nothing happened! Instead, people should perform a "Factory Reset". What a nonsense! Disgusting!

  • FYI latest from support is that they are working on a solution ...

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    Since the update to Android 13 (Nokia x10), Google lens and Google authenticator are not working. You can start and use the apps, but without a camera.

    Google lens: If you want to explore something with camera, I get the message that camera is not working.

    Google autenticator: When I want to add another service, the camera starts up and I see the black screen. Existing services will work.

    A bit of hast would be in order.

  • Same here

  • Here same problem here with Nokia X10 (Android 13): The camera works with the preinstalled "Kamera"-App and also with "Open Camera", "Microsoft Lens", "Microsoft Authenticator" , but not with "Google Lens", "Google Authenticator" and "Google Übersetzer".

    A good friend of mine have the same problem with her X20.

    It's very annoying, that an Android One device has so big problems with Google apps and that Google and Nokia take a number of months fixing the trouble.

  • Same here! The same goes for the Any Scanner - PDF app. The camera is not working with this app either.

    X20, Android 13.

  • Same, same, with an X20 and the update to Android 13. The camera is not working in Google Lens or when adding a service to Google Authenticator. Is this a Google problem or a Nokia problem? Should we report it to Google as well?

  • Seems like a Nokia problem, which is disappointing as one of the main reasons for choosing Nokia was Android One..