December security patch

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Parche de seguridad de diciembre.


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    I had "installation problem", nothing more. Phone charged, rebooted, on Wi-Fi, far enough storage available.

    In past November, I've already had this issue for the monthly update which ended-up to a lost of network connectivity (unable to turn on Wi-Fi, mobile data randomly disconnected too) and I had to send it to after sales for a software reinstallation. Even a factory reset could not bring back the network features online.

    Any idea ?


  • Repeated message since december 30th: unable to update ("kan niet updaten" "installatieprobleem) for Google Securitypatch 2022-12. Any real solution for this problem available? "Try again" is certainly not the solution I'm looking for, after a lot of retrials ...

  • Samma fel här. Börjar bli ganska tröttsamt att hela tiden bli påmind om att man ska uppdatera säkerhetspatch när det inte fungerar.

  • M.J.
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    I'm on the October 2022 update. Device says it is up to date

  • Still installation failed for me.

  • Same hereI

  • Samma problem här installationen går till ca 80% för att sen avbrytas. Jaggan

  • Indeed, download + installation stops at 80%; then follows the message (in Dutch here): Installatiefout.

    Nokia, please let us know how to deal with this problem!

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    The problem is solved here after (by?) an automatic upgrade of the systemsoftware. Security-patch 05-01-2023 is installed now. Restart of the phone was required.

  • One month later, the January upgrade can finally be installed ! Wow, I must said that's something :|