can you unlock the bootloader of the nokia g21?

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I have tried to unlock the bootloader to downgrade, but I can't get it unlocked, I have used adb fastboot and various commands but it is impossible.


  • singhnsk
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    Hi, Nokia does not allow a bootloader unlock. You cannot unlock the bootloader in simple ways. Some MediaTek exploits might work, but they aren't to be discussed in these forums anyways.

  • hello kindly assist me i would like to boot to fastboot mode, but upon pressing the keys power and volume (-) keys it just quickly skips that process quickly(it takes about 1 sec to skip) and reboots. this hinders me from even getting the fastboot command to initiate.

  • Apaga el teléfono

    Enciende el teléfono presionando el botón volumen encendido más volumen abajo

    Luego suelta el botón de encendido RAPIDO y deja el del volumen abajo manteniéndolo siempre apretado.

    Deberías poder entrar al modo fastboot sin problemas.

    Esto es para el modo, no para el modo emergencia.

  • singhnsk
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    Hi, Nokia doesn't allow bootloader unlocking. All common methods are blocked from being utilized. I don't know if any exploit exists :)

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