Predictive text any good?

I have a 8110 4G but the predictive text is dreadful - no option to add words and it doesn't capitalise the first word of a sentence.

Predictive text any good?

FuriousJoe FuriousJoe
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I have a 8110 4G but the predictive text is dreadful - no option to add words and it doesn't capitalise the first word of a sentence.

Is it better on the 3310 3G? I've read that you can add custom words to the dictionary but they aren't saved when the device is rebooted. Is this true?

I'm awaiting feedback from Nokia/KaiOS to see if these two issues are to be resolved on the 8110, but if they aren't I will need to replace it with something else.


  • Keith Keith
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    That is right. The words aren't saved if the phone is rebooted. Still doesn't auto capitalize after a full stop.
  • FuriousJoe FuriousJoe
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    I can't really believe how Nokia/KaiOS have got the basics so wrong. Original Nokia phones, decades old, had these features. I'm not a software developer but I'm sure that these issues wouldn't be hard to patch quickly.

    After recently deciding to ditch my smartphone for good, I didn't even contemplate other manufacturers as I had always loved Nokia's. I was thinking this was a KaiOS issue and that switching to the 3310 3G would solve my problem, but clearly not.

    I did get a fast response from KaiOS though. They said they we're fully aware of the issues with text input and that they are going to address them in a future update; "you can expect an update within the next few months". How many months is anyone's guess though.

    Do any of the other Nokia 'dumb' phones have decent text input? Like the 150/216/222/230?

    The 8110 4G's features are overkill for me really. All I want is phone that does calls and texts well!

  • Oh man... I cant believe I didn't do my homework on this. i just went and bought the 8110 4G two days ago. Its so bad I think I'll just go buy another phone. i made an automatic assumption that the predictive text couldn't be worse only better than the old ones used to be. How can you go backwards in you development. Its only software surely you just load the old set on to your new phone? I cant use the phone for anything I want to other than a wifi hot spot - wasted my money!
  • Sair Sair
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    The predictive text in the 3110 is way ahead of the 8110. Auto capitalise does work, you'l just have to enter 
    . space backspace space (the next letter which will be capitalised)
  • I'm also veery disappointed with the predictive text on the 3310 3g. it actually works much better on the 3310 2g. But that one is no longer working on some networks here so I had to "upgrade".
    Maybe someone can explain the text modes to me. I have the phone in swedish and swedish predictive text in switched on.
    I can choose between 10 different text modes. It takes ages to cycle through them.

    Abc (In red text with a pen in front)
    abc (In red text with a pen in front)
    ABC (In red text with a pen in front)
    123 (In red text with a pen in front)
    sSv (predictive text)
    ssv (predictive text)
    sSV (predictive text)

    As far as I can tell the red text writing modes does he exact same thing as the non-predictive text modes. What's the deal here? I only need predictive text and non-predictive. Can I remove the rest?
  • larrys larrys
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    Still no fixes for the sms issues raised above in 2018 by Joe. I have the 8110 4g running Kaios and have the same issues. Kaios team asked people to wait a few months in Joes case. Its 2020 and certainly not fixed on Kaios version I'm running! Anyone can recommend a decent dumb phone with wifi for updates and bluetooth? Thanks!

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