G60 bugs

my G60 lacks the option to set the delivery of an SMS message. The battery usage graph constantly clears itself. WPA Enterprise is missing the Do Not Verify certificate option.


  • pj h
    pj h ✭✭

    Is the lack of Wifi calling a bug or is it not available on this phone?

  • markskat
    markskat ✭✭

    Speaking of bugs. My phone turns itself off at the end of incoming calls so all I have is a black screen. Have to press power and volume up simultaneously to start it again. Has happened for the last 3 weeks. Any ideas anyone? PS The Nokia website is a nightmare.

  • barliasx
    barliasx ✭✭

    Phone goes black after making a call This started to happen after android 13 download Fix it Nokia you don't look after your customers

  • barliasx
    barliasx ✭✭

    Can't contact anyone at support to fix phone Black out Need to reset after each cal Fix it Nokia and give your customers some support

  • alan04
    alan04 ✭✭

    Had a brand new G60 5g, delivered, set it up, transfered my data from old phone, all well.

    Then things went wrong, very slow and juddery, 1 hour later, completely froze up.

    Nothing would unfreeze it, rubbish phone, my 12 year old Xiaomi Mi 3 is 10 times better.

    Suffice to say the G60 is now awaiting to be sent back

  • I've just upgraded to a Nokia g60 5g no problems with my phone whatsoever it's a good phone and I've had the Nokia 8.35g this was a fantastic phone but no android 13 or I would still have it I also had the Nokia 7.1 before I think hmd global are doing a good job wish they would bring a true flagship one out .

  • Bryan Reed
    Bryan Reed ✭✭

    How can anyone say Nokia is doing a good job, when updates are always behind. I had the same problems on my g50. WHY did I gat this one

  • Very disappointed with that phone, looks like it is garbage then a smartphone. Used the complete day reset, reset, reset & reset. Contacts will not synchronize, contact are not shown in accounts from google. Restore contacts will always be on the old phone.

    Assistant is a pain in the back, stopped, but shows and noice all the time.

    Thought the Nokia / Android One is without apps from 3rd party's but Netflix and Micro-garbage is every where.

    After that day i must say, i wish i had bought another brand :/

  • Don't be in a hurry to get Android 13, , Doesn't change much for me it's Android 12.1 with slight subtle changes I updated my Nokia g21 I only had bugs don't be in a hurry

  • Al pulsar en el menú de Llamadas y SMS de Redes e Internet, de la aplicación herramientas, no se muestra nada.


  • Nolia777
    Nolia777 ✭✭

    Experiencing the proximity sensor issue. My friend also had same issue with the same model. Need to restart phone after calls. I'm on Android 13.

    I downloaded a proximity sensor test app from Google Play. It's confirmed the sensor remains activated when nothing is in front of it.

    Please Nokia, show some support.

  • Same issue a Nolia777: Experiencing a proximity sensor issue. Just after upgrade to last build 00WW_2_290 (Android 13).

    When I receive or make a phone call and I bring the smartphone to my ear, the screen goes off (correct behavior). Once the call ends, the screen always stays off and doesn't automatically turn back on when the smartphone is moved away from my ear (bug) . Therefore you can no longer use the phone because the touchscreen is no longer visible. The only way to fix it is to restart the phone. That is quite annoying and makes the phone practically useless.

    An urgent fix is requested (the bug was not present before the upgrade to the build 00WW_2_290).

    If it takes long, in the meanwhile a workaround (e.g. procedure for disabling the proximity sensor) would be appreciated.

  • Nokia G60 user in UK here. I've had three problems come up recently. 1: Since April, the 4G connection is now slow at responding with internet information, but the WiFi is fine. 2: Since the Android 13 update, emojis are missing from the system (heart hands is available on Android 12 on my Nokia T21 tablet); 3: The developer Feature Flags option for turning off the phantomprocesskiller isn't there. Any solutions for these gratefully accepted, but they all need fixing.

  • Hi! I'm also facing the black screen after phone call bug, didn't find any other solutions than to hold power button until it reboots :( :( :(

    I was sticking with Nokia but if this does not get corrected then I will leave the brand... so sad :(

  • JosK
    JosK ✭✭

    Same problem here. After a call the phone went dead. Happens 4 times. In 1 week.

  • I found a workaround for the problem. If I press the power button before the other side hangs up the call, then the screen comes back. Then if I press the power button again, the call hangs up (I configured it like that).

    So if you are faster hanging up the call (or at least pressing the power button, before the other end hangs up) then the screen comes back and the black screen is avoided.

    Of course if the other side is faster or you are too lazy than you are doomed, and have to reboot your phone.

    This workaround was working for me for almost a week, and then I got lazy and the other side was faster, so a hard reboot was necessary...

  • RinkeVelds
    edited June 1

    Hi all, I see more people have the same issue as I experience since I upgraded my Nokia G60 5G to Android 13 two weeks ago: a black screen after 'the other side' ended a phone call, which can only be solved by a hard reboot. So glad I'm not the only one, and that is not 'just my luck' 😊

    The workaround as korosiakos described is a good one, but you need to be alert to push the power button on time, which you definitely will forget one time 😉

    A better workaround is to install an alternative dialer app. The telephone app from Simple Mobile Tools (Simple Telephone, available in the Google Play Store) that I use now does not give this issue.

    My conclusion: the issue is caused somehow by the combination Google Telephone app and Nokia G60 5G.

    So Nokia and/or Google: please fix this!

    PURGEN ✭✭

    Same bug for me regarding the black screen. Please Nokia fix it as soon as possible. Do not ruin trust factor

  • The problem is solved. The protective glass of the FIXED brand was attached too high and partially covered the proximity sensor. Android 13 maybe changes sensitivity of this sensor...

  • I had similar problem with my Nokia G60 5G. During the call proximity sensor deactivated screen and if I didn't wake it again with Lock button, I was not able to wake screen again after the call finished. Problems starter after Android 13 upgrade. But then I found out what the problem was. Android 13 maybe changes sensitivity of proximity sensor... I used protective glass of the "FIXED" brand. I found out my glass was attached too high and partially covered the proximity sensor in the upper right corner.

    My protective glass was attached exactly on the backlit display area, but the cutout for the proximity sensor is the wrong shaped on protective glass of the "FIXED" brand - it's not big enough. I tried to attache my protective glass 1 mm lower, and the problems with the display shutting down and freezing immediately ended!