My X20 turns itself back on, after a power off


My X20 normally works fine. I have no issues with it, except that when I power off the phone, it occasionally turns itself back on. Its quite strange, as this appears to happen randomly.

It happens about once for every 10 power offs.

It doesn't power on straight away (like a restart would), but the time before the power on happens seems to vary between after 10 secs or after a few minutes. Once it was over 10 mins when it turned itself back on (I noticed this because of the Nokia startup tune that is played)

The phone is left sitting, I'm not doing anything with it after powering off. I'm not interacting with it, I'm not pushing buttons, I'm just leaving it.

It almost seems to be like a delayed restart. But in this case, I'm definitely selecting power off, and not a restart. I expect power off to mean power off. I'm not expecting a delayed restart.

Any ideas how I can fix this problem ? I can imagine that because it is not happening all the time, sending it back to be fixed wouldn't likely solve the problem.


  • Hi, same problem with my X20.

    every night i turn off my phone.

    and almost every moring it starts by itself at 6.28.

    Had chat with Nokia and gave me 3 tips:

    Factory reset, OR

    remove all alarms, incl. cache and storage OR

    remove apps and hope it solves.

    Was hoping a log file in my X20 would give me some hints.

    Regards, George

  • Its the clock

    After testing I concluded that the clock is starting the phone

  • SRoyPC
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    This issue is also prevalent on the Nokia G60 5G.

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    It seems like you're experiencing an issue with your X20 phone where it occasionally turns itself back on after you power it off. This behavior can be quite strange and unpredictable, happening about once for every 10 power offs. The time before the automatic power on occurs varies, ranging from 10 seconds to a few minutes, with one instance even taking over 10 minutes.

    Given your description, it appears that you're correctly selecting the power off option and not initiating a restart. However, the delayed restart-like behavior is unexpected and not what you intend when choosing to power off the phone.

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    my phone also turned on from off, in 2 years it happened 3 times, all in the last few weeks, and every time I noticed that it turned on at 5:00 in the morning (the Nokia jingle plays, impossible not to notice) and there was an alarm preset after 1 hour at 6:00; coincidence?

    I knew that only the old Nokia phones from the 90s could turn themselves back on when they were turned off when they woke up...