Noted Issues in Nokia G21 Android 12

Pratheesh P S
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Main Issues for me are :

  • Lagging when taking Photo & focus.
  • minor Bluetooth issues
  • 4G+ not found , only 4G. And some times network issues are there
  • 'One handed mode' feature not there
  • No proper software update (OS, bugs and Security)
  • Sometimes fingerprint not working proper.

Hope will solve these issues soon. Thank you..

Keep Going NOKIA


  • @Pratheesh P S

    Thanks for your comments. One quick question does 4g+ supported in android 11 Nokia G21. Currently My device is running in android 11 and I could not see 4g+. Checked with many and most of them not aware of 4g+. This is the 1st post I am seeing comment of 4g+. Your response will help me whether I need to go for a factory reset. Thanks

  • Hi Nokia , In my Nokia G21 phone unable to update Android 12. What I should do ?

  • In my Nokia G21, bluetooth ear buds are not working properly. I checked with MIVI, Samsung and 1 plus ear buds. None of them are working properly. Voice can't be hear clearly on both ends.

  • Bluetooth earbuds do not function properly on my Nokia G21. I consulted MIVI, Samsung, and 1+ earbuds. All of them are dysfunctional. On both ends, the voice cannot be clearly heard.

  • mindmagic
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    My battery lasted noticeably longer after the Android 12 update, but now I'm having trouble charging it. It doesn't seem to be taking a charge at all. I have a good quality short cable and a fast charger; there was no problem on A11.

    Edit: I switched the phone off and it charged normally. It will be a nuisance if it's always going to need switching off; using it as a satnav could be a problem, for example.

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    1) Bluetooth makes crackling noise when connecting to cellular calls.

    Factory Reset fixes it temporarily but issue comes back.

    Music is good.

    2) Fingerprint scanner doesn't work sometimes.

  • has there been any update to this, the bluetooth issue is really not great, I also find with Whatsapp chats there is some echo most of the time!

  • laroy
    laroy ✭✭

    Have same distorted speech problem with phone calls connected by Bluetooth hearing aids and car. Audiologist said problem is Bluetooth should be version 5.4

  • Hi, ever since my Nokia g21 update to Android 12 my Bluetooth in my car is not working. Music works fine , but cannot make a call as it's sounds crackly. Please help, as I need to use this function as I'm running a business

  • Hello from malaysia.

    I just installed Android 12 on 30-Apr-2023. I got a few issues here:

    a) The hotspot feature didn't work (Wi-Fi hotspot > error)

    b) the Bluetooth earbuds (same with others (even with previous Android 11- voice issue)

    Note: already asked from Nokia helpdesk. All the solutions given couldn't solve the (a) problem. Nokia asked me to wait 1 - 4 months for update from Android.

  • Когда приде́т обновление андройд 12 в казахстан???

  • My g21 keeps restarting and sometimes switches off and wont start untill I press Ando hold volume key and power button for a while. How do I solve that

  • Alkan
    Alkan ✭✭

    Have you tried updating to Android 13? I have successfully updated to 13. It was very good but my Bluetooth audio is now gone. I tried everything but looks like it has failed completely.

  • A worst phone I have ever used... Lots of issue I am facing in this phone. When I report my issue with customer care, they are telling the factory reset option. Why we are using a smartphone, because of our convenience. But Nokia not looking that.

    - Hanging Issue

    - Apps are closing while using

    - Worst Camera Quality

    - Low Network Coverage

    - Fingerprint Not working sometimes.

    - We can't use our apps that we needed.

    - Low Speaker Sound

    - Phone automatically going to DND mode

    - Phone turns sounds in silent/vibration mode

    - Accessibility turns off automatically.

    - Etc. etc. etc.

    Solution from the Service Centre

    - Factory reset....

    Dear all ..... Don't buy any Nokia phone in future.

  • kcnla01
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    Dear all ...

    Don't buy any Nokia phone in future.

    Solution from the Service Centre.

    1. Factory reset
    2. We already escalated your case to related department
    3. Please send your device to nearby careline center (limited careline center and without phone call to confirm careline center still in operation or not)

    In a conclusion, this Nokia phone support and Nokia Care email is nothing can help on customer and keep ask customer to wait only.

  • I have finally found out solution for Bluetooth not connecting, just go to developer options ( Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload ) it will ask you to restart your phone and you are good to go. Just do it and thank me later, it work like magic.

  • Is enabled just disable it your phone will restart ( Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload )

  • still waiting for my Android 12 update in Nokia G21, in Android 11 my phone has issues with the Google Play store, it doesn't say if an app is updated or not. It takes a lot of time to connect to my WiFi network.

  • my Nokia G21 went off for the past 3 hours since then i have tried turning it on but all my effort seems imposible and the phone is just hot

    please what can i do

  • ccarmen66
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    France 5 juillet 2023. Mine, Nokia G21 always without sounds since a few weeks. Android 13 installed and a few days after it, another installation and from this nothing, no rings, no magneto, no calls, no Youtube.... even after reset.

    I will never buy again a Nokia phone. It's the first time I have a phone which is out of order only 5 months after buying. All the others marks always works after many years. Nokia is dead before 6 months. Nullity.

    Mon Nokia n'a toujours pas de son à ce jour, malgré la réinitialisation. Ras le bol.

  • Izugh
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    When is the android 13 update coming?

    Add Bluetooth fix too