Data&voice without VoLTE after 3G switch off


In Central Europe many networks don't support VoLTE on Nokia phones.

Now they are switching off their 3G networks so data & voice can't be used simultaneously. That means navigation won't get traffic updates during longer phone call, your internet connection (usb tethered) would be dropped if somebody would call you.

Any idea how to deal with it?



  • Have TA-1369

    Model Nokia and keep saying no internet connection.

    I have plenty of data and when I'm home I use wifi.

    Please explain the settings I need to fix or change .:)

  • I normally used to be able to use my internet when I was away from house .

    Now won't let me.

  • I'm also facing same issue when i open this site

  • When VoLTE is not supported, after 3G shut down we will be forced to use 2G for calls. Back to the 90s.