2K/4K video playback not supported

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Hello. I am a new owner of X30. Coming from NOKIA 8.3, where i had many videos recorded on 2K and 4K resolution, i see that the default player of the device, Google Photos, cannot playback the videos at all. It gets message "Can't play video". If i use a 3rd party player from Play store it is getting the following message

It is clear that there is default codec problem.

The only workaround is to use VLC player which have intergrated codec by default and not using codec from Android.


  • The New build Android 12 ( V1.310 ) with Security patch January 2023 doesn't solve the problem with 2K/4K video reproduction.

    The codec c2.qti.avc.decoder is failing.....

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    Snapdragon 695 has maximum video playback resolution capped at 1080p resolution as per Qualcomm website. So i think this issue will never be fixed. You can still play old videos in apps like vlc or mx player.

  • Hi again

    Snapdragon 695 have max 1K for video capturing. So, this is the reason that it isn't possible to take video 2K/4K.

    The problem here is that the driver's (libraries) that X30 have isn't possible to reproduce 2K/4K which is possible via 3rd party player like VLC.

    So, it is possible to have "native" playback of all type of video 2K/4K (actually it is making downgrading of resolution), in order not need to have 3rd player for reproduction.

    This is the problem it isn't acceptable a device not to be able to reproduce any kind of video natively.

    Have in your mind that also dispaly resolution is FullHD and in other devices like 8.3 also have FullHD display and was possible due to GPU to catch 2k/4k video and reproduced in FullHD dispaly.

  • According to the Qualcomm website, the Snapdragon 695 has a maximum video playback resolution limit of 1080p. Therefore, it seems unlikely that this issue will be resolved. However, you can still play older videos using apps like VLC or MX Player.