Why do locations update slowly on Nokia phones?

A family member is using a Nokia G50 phone. But when I look at that other family member's location on Google Maps, it updates very infrequently. Maybe there's one update every half hour or less.

Does Nokia throttle phones and stop them from transmitting the location (for other people to see) to save battery?

Other people who use Pixel phones have their locations update very quickly. Is there anything that can be done to make this phone (a G50); update its location more often?


  • Is anyone else using a Nokia phone with Google Maps location sharing?

    Is your location updating infrequently for other people to see?

  • It would be nice if Nokia (HMD) monitored its community forums sometimes and offered solutions to these problems.

  • There could be several reasons why locations update slowly on Nokia phones:

    1. GPS signal: The accuracy of location updates depends on the strength of the GPS signal. If the signal is weak, the phone may take longer to update the location.
    2. Network connection: If the phone is having trouble connecting to the network, it may take longer to update the location. This is because the phone needs to communicate with cell towers to determine its location.
    3. Software issues: If there are software issues with the phone's GPS or location services, it may take longer to update the location. In this case, updating the software or resetting the phone to its factory settings may help.
    4. Battery life: If the phone's battery is low, it may affect the performance of the GPS and location services, causing slower updates.
    5. Location accuracy settings: If the phone's location accuracy settings are set to low, it may take longer to update the location as it uses less precise methods to determine the location.

    In any case, it's important to ensure that the phone's software and firmware are up to date and that the phone has a strong network connection and sufficient battery life. If the problem persists, contacting Nokia support may be necessary to identify and resolve any underlying issues.

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  • The frequency of location updates on a smartphone can be influenced by various factors, including the device's settings, battery optimization features, and the specific app being used to share the location. In the case of the Nokia G50 or any other smartphone, it's unlikely that the manufacturer deliberately throttles location updates to conserve battery life.

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    Thanks for replying.

    Something is different on Nokia's default settings. On a Pixel phone with default settings, the user's location is updated on Google Maps every 3 minutes.

    On Nokia's default settings, the user's location is updated every 15-20 minutes. There doesn't appear to be any way to change this.

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    This forum is a sad place.

    Full of spammers and crazies. Nokia personal seem to be nowhere to be seen.

    Because of this, I would recommend that people do not buy Nokia phones. The one I got could not fulfil its purpose to location share with family members.

    Nokia has no answers to fix the problem. I'll have to stop using it, and buy a new phone from a different vendor, in order to location share in a useful way.

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