Class Action Lawsuit Nokia / HMD re. G21 (model TA-1418)

I have had enough. ONE year ago this month the Nokia G21 was launched with much fan-fare and many promises. Promises that have proven to be EMPTY. MANY, MANY G21, specifically, Model TA-1418, users worldwide is still waiting for the Android 12 update. Contact Nokia Support and you get copy-paste answers, with no real answer, feedback or commitment from their end. I do not think anyone at Nokia / HMD actually know IF it is going to happen - or WHEN. It has been several months since other countries / G21 users HAVE RECEIVED the update. It is unfair to discriminate / exclude certain users who paid the same money for the same product.

I am exploring the option to file a class action lawsuit against Nokia / HMD global as their advertising and commitment to OS & Security updates have been FALSE.

PLEASE respond below with your COUNTRY / MODEL NO / Security Update MONTH

Enough is enough. We need to hold them accountable!!



  • Russian Federation /TA-1418 /SP may 2022

    Still on android 11

  • Spain / TA1418 / security update 5 june 2022 / Android 11

  • Pakistan / TA-1418 / 00WW_1_570_SP01 / Security Update: Sep 2022 / Android 11.

  • Pakistan / TA-1418 / 00WW_1_570_SP01 / Security Update: Sep 2022 / Android 11.

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    Denmark / TA-1418 / September

  • Poland / TA-1418 / Security Update Dec 22 / Android 11 still...

  • Czech Republic/TA-1418/security update 5 september 2022/still android 11

    Even Nokia phone's in india got Android 12

  • Pakistan/TA-1418/ SP September 2022

    Still Android 11

  • I bought a phone like 2,3 days ago to have it not be able to update anything. I tried plenty of methods to fix this but none worked. Didn't know this was a global issue. I even contacted their live chat support ( not sure if there was a person behind it) and spent over an hour wth them but they didn't really help much - nor did they mention there were similar problems.

    Serbia / TA-1418 / 2022-09

  • Hey what happened with the class action lawsuit you were taking about.

  • UK.TA 1418 Oct 2022 security patch android 11

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    Kenya TA - 1418 Security Update September 5, 2022 Android 11

  • South Africa TA-1418 September 5 2022 Android 11

  • Desde Ecuador no actualiza modelo TA-1412

  • Russia\TA-1418\00WW_1_340_RU May-22 Android 11

    You can look here about avalibale builds: Nokia Smartphone Security Maintenance Release Summary

  • Italy / TA1418 / Security update September 5h 2022 / Android 11 :-(

  • EGYPT / TA-1418 / Security Update Tilll September 2022 / Runs Android 11.

    NOTE: Still on Security Build# 00WW_1_570_SP01, just waiting for SP02, after that and MAYBE my Phone can recieve Android 12.

    Don't waste your time on HMD Nokia chat team, extreemly useless and pointless.

  • United Kingdom

    Model TA-1418

    Android 11

    Security update 5 October 22

    Build Number 00WW_1_570_SP02

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    Ukraine / Model TA-1418 / Android 11

    Security update September 30, 2022 / Build Number 00WW_1_570_SP01

    However.. If you look here here we have a new update 00WW_1_570_SP02 October 31, 2022.

    Hmm. It's already February on the street. Why is my nokia still not updated!? Why hasn't my nokia received an update to Android 12 yet!? Although in Ukraine some devices have already been updated to this android!? Why!?? Nokia support has answers to my questions!? I would like to hear a truthful answer, and not see the template of the response letter. The world wants to know the truth.

  • Hello,

    Will Android 12 to Nokia G21 be availbale in Russia?

  • Dear Staff Member,

    Dont you think that you (Staff) should write this answer many days ago?

    We understand, that not all info can be shared but this post is not first, not second, not even fifth about this update.

    We appreciate your care about community but you have to understand us also. Competition on market is not sleeping :p

    Anyway, thanks for your response and we are waiting for more info and os update.


  • Thank you for your statment nevertheless it was quite late! We are kean and eager to accept your answer but if it shows more specific to date and time of receiving Android 12. We have been enough patient about Android 12 and related OS upgrade promises in spite of some users have ditched Nokia to another Companies because of "MISTRUST" which they faced recently.

    We admire Nokia nevertheless we would like to go further by counting and relying on your products. Only "CARING" and "FULFILLING" with promises can make us side-by-side with you, and forever. Thank you, and we wish if we could experience the Android 12 soon.

  • Ghana

    Model TA-1418

    Android 11

    Security update 5 September 22

    Build Number 00WW_1_570_SP01

    Why faint promises Nokia, a great fan of yours, loved your Nokia 7plus and prior experience with other Nokia devices but since no flagship I decided to try this budget or entry level device with so much promises only to end up stuck on Android 11 with September Security Patch while other competitors (Galaxy A04s, A13 and others) are already on Android 13.

  • I am both SHOCKED, and very pleasantly surprised that a HMD representative (HMDAnnika) publicly made a statement regarding the delays / non-delivery of Android 12 for some G21 users.

    THANK YOU to everyone in this forum that took the time to share their model info and frustrations. It looks like us raising our voices, demanding to be heard and persisting in our efforts to get the answer we deserve .... might finally be paying of!!!

    Let's see if HMD Global keeps their word, at least tis time, and start rolling out A 12 to G21 users after testing is complete at the end of this week (as stated by HMD Global representative HMDAnnika).

    Again, THANK YOU .... I cannot wait for the day we can all share the good news that we've received the A 12 update!!

  • Hahaha... Nice joke. Another lollipop 🍭. I bet the Android 12 update will never ever arrive, or if miracles does happen, it will arrive in late 2025.

    HMD/Nokia is the most shittiest, lousy, 3rd class, and fraudulent company ever. It's a shame to purchase its products and I'm totally regretting it.

  • Let's see what happens.

  • As others have said, still on the October 2022 update in the UK. Following with interest.

  • HMDAnnika Good. With the android 12 updates, it's clear. What about Android Update 11!? I have a Security Update dated September 22 2022 - SW ID 00WW_1_570_SP01. But in October we already have - SW ID 00WW_1_570_SP02 from the 22nd. February... There is no update.. What are the problems with this update!?