Cannot find NFC on Nokia T21 WiFi+4G

I've got a Nokia T21 tablet which is the WiFi+4G variant.

This was advertised as having NFC, unlike the plain WiFi (no 4G) variant.

However the device is not showing any NFC support and apps that use NFC say they're unsupported on the device. Google Wallet says no tap support on this device.

I've got a 4G SIM in it also just in case that needs it.


  • شبكة ويفاى تفصل ولا تكون ثابت في تابلت Nokia t20

  • Yo tengo el mismo problema, compré la t21 WiFi + 4G supuestamente tiene NFC pero no lo encuentro. Como lo soluciono?

    Debería de tener alguna solución, ruego que me ayuden

  • Nokia T 21 is an ultimate tablet with economical cost I belive and I trust .

  • Hi

    I also bought T21. 4G model(TA-1495). Reason to buy this tablet was only NFC support.

    I really disappointed that they cheated me with big LIES !!

    As you seefrom attacment , no NFC option available.

    i contacted to chat support. They said that i should order new SIM card what support NFC. This sounds really weird to me, because all my other devices has NFC available even without SIM card installed.

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    I just received new sim from my operator and it wasn't help.

    I contacted customer support(via Chat) and they mentioned that there will be update what will fix this NFC issue. Release time is not available.

    It might be related somehow to Android 12 version, because there is quite many stories from Oneplus forum where they are complaining that Android 12 update was causing NFC option disappearing.

  • Today i have purchased it nokia T21 and found seal broken already...

    Also please advise us joy stick with this phone.

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    I have received new information from Nokia's Chat Support team. They have provided additional details, indicating that the TA-1521 hardware model is the only one that includes NFC capability. As a result, I was misled into ordering the incorrect model.

    Specifically, I purchased the TA-1495 model with 128GB of storage and Wi-Fi + 4G connectivity.

    In my opinion, it is quite confusing that there exists an NFC-specific variant of the product, which is priced even identically to the non-NFC model