Camera app freeze after taking night picture

When i take a night picture,it says shot is done,optimizing.....then i have to close the camera app because i cant click on something.

The picture is made.

Someone knows whats the deal?


  • Like it says processing but doesnt stop,i have to close the camera and then open i can take another picture.

  • dutchdude24
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    Its keep saying this and i cant click anything.

    Have to close the app and then reopen.

    The picture is made.

  • The phone is new so its almost empty

  • joe367
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    Try long press camera icon, go to info and clear all data for camera app

  • do you mean it stays in this animation screen and even after several seconds it never stops?

    I tried my device and it will return to normal preview screen after about 2 to 3 seconds in this screen.

  • Yes it stays in that animation,only when i close the app and reopen then i can make 1 other picture.

  • I have the same problem. Taking a photo in Night Mode, the modal icon and text saying 'Capture finished, optimising....' appears.....and never disappears. I have to exit the camera app and reopen it to use the camera again.

    I have tried clearing all camera app data.

  • Just updated to 00WW_1_310, this issue is not fixed.

  • To be honest i sended to phone back and bought another brand.

    This one was a problem,the auto brightness was very bad of was changing constantly indoors,en the animation when gesture back to home was very laggy.

    And the fact that Android 13 still isnt there in february is unacceptable.

    To many problems.

  • The new build has other issues to regarding charging. I think it should be struck off the list of enterprise approved phones, as businesses need reliability. Limited to 8 W charging is well short of the advertised 33 W. There seemed to be an issue with the fast charging anyway, maybe due to a hardware issue.

    I'm not surprised there's zero communication regarding updates or the charging issue, I think they were going nobody would notice.

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    Same happens to me with the camera app-but on a G50 (TA-1361, 4/128GB ANZO) and a X20 in my case.

    I also cleared the data and cache on the camera app but this issue hasn't been fixed still.

    Has HMD fixed the issue with night mode with the camera app across all Nokia phones that have the camera 2.0 UI yet?