Charging issue after January build update

Has anyone else had charging issues after January update? My phone only charges slow now. Tonight it got worse, even got to the point where at 50 percent battery it would only charge at 500 mA according to Ampere app. This is regardless of charger, cable, or whether a restart the phone. It would even charge slow with the phone turned off (can tell by the percentage change).

Before I return my phone is this a known issue with this build, or is my phone stuffed? I can get a full refund but I won't be replacing it with another X30 if it is stuffed, I'll go back to my G60.


  • I only bought a fast charger this week. I have a brand new 30w charger and a 66w fast charge cable. I am only getting about 8 watts according to accubattery. Very frustrating as I partly chose the Nokia x30 for its 33w charging. I trust Nokia will fix this with an update very soon.

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    Yes, that's about what I'm getting, I'll check with accubattery myself. So you're on build 00WW_1_130? It only started with that.

    Previously it would charge fast but drop out when the charge was what I presume was full rate (33 W). I guess they either stuffed up the fix or there's an issue and disabled it, hoping nobody would notice.

    I was only getting 2W last night after the phone glitched. It went into bedtime mode as if I were charging it late last night as I was using it. Restarting didn't help, but it did eventually go back to the 8 W.

    In any case, my return period for full refund no questions asked ends soon from the retailer. I'm a little nervous that a fix isn't on the way...

    Of course receiving a new build is a bit of an indication that Android 13 is a little ways off yet, unless it was necessary for some reason.

  • The battery type is unknown according to Ampere, CPU-z etc. Without the battery type known it obviously affects the ability to charge. It also could possibly be an issue in not charging the battery properly.

    Bedtime mode thinks your phone is always on charge, and sets greys ale after the set time.

  • Yes, I am build 1_310. I bought the phone a month ago but didn't try a fast charger until after the latest update so I have never experienced fast charging speeds. CPU_X also shows that battery technology as unknown.

  • Same issue for my XR20 since Jan update charging has been intermittent. Last night was worst. Restarted, and reviewed all battery and app usage. Plugged back in and received the slow charging message. Unplugged the power brick and back in. Went to rapid charging then stopped charging altogether. Down to 33%. Going to call tech support. I'm sure that will be fun.

  • How did you go with contacting support? I'm hoping they are aware of the issue, as it's really bad. It's not only slow charging, but it has also stuffed up bedtime mode as it thinks it's on charge when it's not. It only started the instant the new build was installed. I guess they are focusing more on the Android 13 build and just assumed this one should be fine.

  • I had the same issue since December. I didn't know it was due to software update.

    Anyways I returned the phone and waiting for new replacement.

    I was not using original Nokia charger and thought it was due to that.

    Nokia fast charger 33w is not available in my country. Can we use Nokia fast charger 33 UK in Saudi Arabia.

    Please let me know.

  • Its not due to not using a Nokia charging. The battery isn't detected properly so fast charging is disabled. It also means bedtime mode won't work properly in relation to the charge settings.

    If you get a good quality charger that has PPS charging (part of PD 3.0 protocol) you should get full charging capacity. You should be using a decent USB-C cable that at least supports 5 amp charging.

  • My above post referring to proper operation. Currently fast charging won't work until they release Android 13, or a fix. I think they are focusing on Android 13, and it was overlooked in this build as it should have been a basic update.

  • Check the charging port: Ensure that there is no debris or lint in the charging port of your phone. Use a soft brush or compressed air to clean it gently.

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    Unfortunately it is an issue with the firmware, but that is good advice in general.

    Charging still works fine, it's the specific fast charging modes that are unavailable due to the battery type being unknown. If you have a PPS charger it is definitely good to be able to just it as PPS charging is supposedly better for the battery.

    The 10-12 W maximum charging that these builds allow, being standard charging, falls way short of the 33 W maximum via PPS. Again, it's a firmware issue as mentioned and confirmed by others in the other thread.

    Also, the charging port gets disabled on these phones if there is debris or liquid detected in the port. The system notifies of this, then again when its clear. The issue is the firmware not reporting the battery type, and without that anything but standard USB charging is disabled.

  • Just this week, I purchased a new fast charger with a 30W capacity, accompanied by a 66W fast charging cable. However, AccuBattery indicates that I am only receiving around 8 watts. This is quite frustrating, considering one of the reasons I chose the Nokia x30 was for its 33W charging capability. I have confidence that Nokia will address this issue promptly through an update. I have faced this issue mostly gaming like i was playing popular game bgmi latest version