My review after using Nokia G21 for 7 months. Still on Android 11.

Hi everyone, this is my review after using the phone for 7 months.

1. Phone lags under direct sunlight or if it's a bright cloudy day. I usually tilt the phone at 60° angle away from the sun and the lagging temporarily stops.

2. The Nokia G21 jack (place where where to insert the earphones/headphones pin) not working after 1 month of usage. I was told to do factory reset which I haven't done because I can use Bluetooth to listen to music.

3. Battery quality is still good.

4. Camera quality is good.

5. Charging quality is still the same.

6. Phone doesn't overheat when watching TikTok clips, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp

7. The TikTok app hanged once while watching TikTok clips for 30 minutes.

8. The TikTok app hanged once while creating and uploading 10 TikTok clips on my account simultaneously.

9. Browsing is super fast on chrome or Firefox browser.

10. Switching between apps doesn't cause phone to hang.


  • jrdhz01
    jrdhz01 ✭✭

    Here is my take after using the Nokia G21 for 3 months, I have mixed feelings about it. While the battery quality is still good and the camera quality is impressive, there are some issues that make me hesitant to recommend this phone.

    Firstly, I've noticed that the phone tends to lag when exposed to direct sunlight or on a bright cloudy day. I've found that tilting the phone away from the sun can temporarily stop the lagging.

    Secondly, the headphone jack stopped working after just a month of use. While I was advised to do a factory reset, I haven't done so as I can still use Bluetooth to listen to music.

    On the positive side, I've found that the phone doesn't overheat when using apps like TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Browsing on Chrome or Firefox is also super fast, and switching between apps doesn't cause the phone to hang.

    However, I did experience some issues while using the It hanged once while watching TickTok clips for 30 minutes, and another time while creating and uploading 10 TikTok clips on my account simultaneously.

    Overall, while the Nokia G21 has some impressive features, the lagging and headphone jack issues make it hard for me to fully recommend this phone.

  • I bought Samsung A34 this month and it's a wonderful phone. Never going back to Nokia again

  • Ujin Fox
    Ujin Fox ✭✭

    Where android 13 in cis/ru region? (

  • I also Use Nokia a34 its worst phone i ever use thanks Nokia i use Nokia again

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