What is going on with Nokia?

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What is going on with Nokia?

  • Still stuck on security patch version of 5 december 2022 (with montly update cadence)
  • Their update release summary is lagging behind (https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/security-updates)
  • No fixes/updates for mentioned problems here on this forum (like bluetooth, camera issues with lens, authenticator, etc.)
  • Support not being helpful, not being able to give dates/solutions etc.


  • When i asked why we we are not getting monthly security updates, Nokia chat says they have no control over when Google releases them.

  • That is not fully true.

    Google IS releasing monthly updates, see https://source.android.com/docs/security/bulletin/2023-02-01.

    But Nokia has to accept them and put them true. Update for january and even february is available, but not by Nokia

  • Unfortunately neither Nokia or Google not even acknowledge the issues with Google Lens, screen casting and others stuff not working after the update to Android 13. That's leaves us Nokia user almost only with the option to change to a different mobile brand as Nokia is unwilling or unable to offer a solution after more than 3 month knowing about the issues. For me it looks like that there is no future in Nokia (forget about upgrading to the Nokia X30 as there is no guarantee that this is facing the same issue as the X20). A comment on this posed would be appreciated in particular from Nokia staff.

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