The state of the device [4th of March]

The device in question is a Nokia X20 128GB with 6GB of RAM running the latest patch at the time of writing this post [February 5th 2023]

So, to start of the post this phone has been great to me. It had a few "Android related" issues at first but I've managed to get through them. With all of that being said when Android 13 was pushed onto the device the user experience degraded quite a bit.....

These are not major issues but they are really annoying:

Bug: whenever I restart the device the double tap to power on does not work anymore.

The workaround: going into settings-> disabling double tap to wake (the feature is not working but the slider is still on)-> going out of the settings section-> re-enableing double tap to wake

Bug: the camera viewfinder can't be accessed by many apps (previously on Android 12 this was not an issue).

Details: Apps like Google lens, the authentication part of the Steam app just output a black screen and then crash. These are just some of the apps I use, there are probably more

Workaround: none. I was not able to find a way to fix this

What I want to ask is, will they're be a patch for these issues in the next update?