Screen freezing - Very poor customer service

My smartphone has encountered the problem of the screen freezing or turning off. Resetting to factory settings did not help.

So I took (dis)advantage of Nokia's repair service. Unfortunately three times - until now...

1st time : New installation of the software --> problem persisted.

2nd time : Nothing was done. They asked me to describe the problem in more detail. ( What I already did. The problem came at irregular times and was not dependent on apps . They sent the smartphone back to me a few hours after they first received it. That already shows how little they had dealt with it.)

3rd time : Finally they wanted to replace something. However, Nokia is supposedly waiting for the replacement part for exactly one month now and the customer service can't give me a date when I will get my device back.

I have read this phenomenon here before. Has anyone had a similar problem with their X30 ? Or with Nokia's customer service? Maybe with the same problem ( Screen freezing) ..Which part did they replace?

I can't recommend HMD anymore in any case. I had never had such bad experience with a customer service. A defect or error in a device can happen, but for a company to leave a customer in the dark like this is a No Go. (especially for this long time. They don't looking for other solutions)


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    I have the same issue with the phone. Screen is freezing. I also have 1 more problem with display. When i see dark colors, gray for example i see it darker on the bottom corner and lighter on top. I wonder what to do. I want a phone replacement, not repair. The phone is brand new never used sim card on it yet, i have it for 1 month now. I noticed the problem while waiting for android 13 update, i don't know when it will be released but i won't use the device ultill this happens. I just don't like android 12. Any suggestions please?