Nokia XR20 won't connect to Private 5G SA network PLMNs

I have several Nokia XR20s (Android 13) which I want to use on 5G Private networks that oprate in n77 and n78 TDD bands in the UK. The XR20 product spec. says that these bands are supported and that LTE private networks are supported.

My customer's network is Ericcson EP5G and is using PLMN 999-33 at one site and 001-01 at another site.

Other devices can see the network and connect okay including wireless routers and Huawei H40 smart phones. Does the XR20 have a problem connecting to 5G SA networks or are PLMNs starting 001 and 999 blocked in some way?

If I perform a network scan using 'Select Network Manually' I see five national networks with PLNMs 234-xx but 001-01 and 999-33 do not show up?



  • As far as I know only IMSIs with 999-40 have been working (network PLMN can be different, if SIM has EHPLMN list). However I heard that things got broken with Android 13. It may be that no private network with MCC=999 works at the moment.

  • If your Nokia XR20 is having trouble connecting to a private 5G SA network PLMNs, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

    1. Verify that the Nokia XR20 is compatible with the private 5G SA network PLMNs you are trying to connect to. Check with your network administrator or service provider to ensure that your phone supports the necessary bands and frequencies for the network.
    2. Check that the SIM card in your Nokia XR20 is activated and has a data plan that includes access to the private 5G SA network. Contact your service provider to ensure that your SIM card is provisioned correctly.
    3. Ensure that your Nokia XR20 is updated with the latest software and firmware. Check for updates in the "Settings" menu under "System".
    4. Restart your Nokia XR20 and the private 5G SA network to reset any connection issues that may be causing the problem.
    5. Try resetting your network settings on your Nokia XR20. This will reset your Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth connections to their default settings.
    6. If none of these steps work, contact your network administrator or service provider for further assistance. They may need to troubleshoot the network infrastructure to identify and resolve the issue. ehsaas