Newest KaiOS Virus Attacks? (Chicken App)

I have a Nokia 6300 4G, and I got a strange pop-up out of nowhere: a notification pop-up about an app called Chicken came up automatically, and the message just said "H", and started downloading itself automatically.

I turned on the airplane mode as fast as I could. Then, also cleaned the memory. And then, rebooted.

There are no apps called just simply "Chicken" in the KAiOS apps store.

The incident came up so fast, it was too much time to take a screen shot of that.. I only had a split second to turn the phone into airplane mode, to stop the download.

I don't see any apps called "Chicken" on my list of after rebooting.

This might be a NEW security issue. Something to take note of? I have had this phone since this model first came out, and this never happened before!

Not sure if it was this app installing. But I don't think so....

Too bad there is NO Virus Checker Apps for KaiOS! I ALWAYS wonder if a virus has been planted on my phone