Android 12 (00WW_3_490) is coming to Nokia 5.3

I got the upgrade before the hours end of April 1, 2023 (UTC+0800).

It silently downloaded & upgraded to Android 12, I even had no chance to accept or not,

system just asked me to reboot to complete upgrade, then I knew what happened.

Please never urge to upgrade to Android 12, if Android 11 works well on your Nokia 5.3.

Unless you have be familiar with the new UI of Android 12, and have wills to take the risk of glitches. 

Some issues that I suffers

1. While booting, "PureDisplay has stopped".

As what I know, Nokia 5.3 has never equipped with PureDisplay, right?

so dev team must forget to remove / disable this component & cause this problem.

2. The time / date on the drop down quick settings menu, won't update.

It always shows the time when the system completed boot.

4G/LTE is working fine, but it shows "Emergency Calls Only".

3. Battery status on status bar is incorrect, always empty.

I has enabled the Battery percentage display, but it has never worked after each boot.

I also try to re-activate this option, but it always shows "0%".

Thank the Dev team, except above display issues, 

the Android 12 works well on my Nokia 5.3 for now.

According to the other users tragedies, I won't try to reset the phone,

I only have this phone, need it working for my daily life.

Hope Dev team will learn the feedbacks from users who has upgraded, 

keep refining the coming upgrade for those not upgrade yet.

Also thank the incapable Nokia Mobile Care,

always copy & paste FAQ, ask users to uninstalled those apps which has never been installed,

or give the final solution to reset their phones,

so I decide to share here what I suffers after my Nokia 5.3 upgraded to Android 12.

I think the even ChatGPT bot can do better than the Nokia Mobile Care. 

Or maybe they are already replaced by ChatGPT ; ( How do human deal with feedbacks so roughly?

Sometimes delayed response even no response is better than rough response without considering.


  • Donkey
    Donkey ✭✭

    The Google Security Patch April/2023 has been released.

    After patched, no more "PureDisplay has stopped" during boot, well done Nokia!

    But the battery status display / drop down quick setting menu time display are still incorrect.

    The system version is 00WW_3_490_SP01 now.

  • Seems that some people are getting one lot of problems while others get a completely different set. I have the TA-1234 and I'm not getting those ones, mine are as follows:

    1) Set all SIM settings to SIM 2, restart the phone and everything goes back to SIM 1.

    2) Set the clock to 24 hour time, restart the phone and the clock goes back to AM/PM .

    Both faults were in the version 3.400 released back in November 2022 and I reported them to Nokia care.

  • Donkey
    Donkey ✭✭

    I misunderstood something.

    Accidently triggered the option "Background check - Always show crash dialog" in Developer options, the "PureDisplay has stopped" comes back.

    So, supposing the recent SP1 update just omits that error by disabling that option. In my memory, I had enabled that option since Android 10, but never "PureDisplay has stopped".

    Nokia HMD fix nothing ...... 😥

  • katemi
    katemi ✭✭

    reset your phone all things will be ok

  • Donkey
    Donkey ✭✭

    If I had never read this thread

    I would like to take your suggestion.

    Every Nokia Customer Care member I tried to contact via email, told me the same thing, "reset your phone". But the last one I contacted via live chat, he asked me "NEVER do that", since they have learned about this trouble, and claimed trying to solve it.

    So, if I'm lucky, I will get my Nokia 5.3 happily working with Android 12; but if not, this my only phone, will Nokia fix it for free? According to others experience, it will be charged since most 5.3 has been out of warranty, and it costs equivalently buying new one.

    Without any backup plan nor official solution, I can only tolerate it.

    I ever thought to replace 5.3 battery, but I might just buy a Pixel by the end of this year, then I will try to reset 5.3 as factory setting.

    CAVBR ✭✭

    This battery status problem does not occur on the TA-1223 according to reports from users in Brazil.

    And hard reset in v3.490 is safe.

  • Donkey
    Donkey ✭✭

    I think it's just coincident that battery is just aged, not the issue by Android 12.

    And I ain't in Brazil, I don't know certainly if I can safely hard reset 5.3 in Asia.

    If fails, I can only buy a new phone, since others claim Nokia will charge to fix it,  that costs equivalently buying new one. That's why I refuse to replace battery now, I must know it's worthy.

    A broken phone with brand-new battery would be worthless.

  • i have 5.4 already updated to android 12 sp1. no problem at all. when android 12 will be arrive on 5.3 ta 1234 indonesia?

  • Danil Gusarov
    Danil Gusarov ✭✭
    edited May 9

    Судя по комментариям у меня не Нокиа 5.3 моему роботу вкатил 11 андроид, он на нем планирует оставаться и с этим ничего не сделать его последнее обновление безопасности от 01.02.23г. Вот блин тамагоч купил у русских дистрибьюторов!

    Ещё кстати да поддерживаю выше написанные посты с проблемой с аккумулятором, работал отлично и зарядку держал хорошо весь гарантийный срок, а с месяц уже от розетки не отключить сразу отключается придется заказывать новый, если дело вообще в нём!

  • Osamuyi Okpame
    edited June 6

    If you reset your Nokia 5.3 phone, when you already upgraded to Android12, the phone is bricked forever. No matter what happens, do not do factory reset on it. Just begin to back up your data and buy a new phone.