No Updates on G21 Android 12 yet in the Philippines

When are we going to have the Android 12 updates? Any updates about that?


  • juliaalaxandar123
    edited April 10

    It's not uncommon for software updates to be rolled out gradually across different regions, so it's possible that the Android 12 update for the G21 may not have reached the Philippines yet.

    When updates are released, they are typically first made available to a small percentage of users in a particular region as a test, before being gradually rolled out to more users over time. This process can take several weeks or even months, depending on the device and region.

  • Yes, you are absolutely right @juliaalaxandar123. Actually, we have to keep in mind that Nokia/HMD is not a small company like Samsung or Apple. Nokia/HMD sell more than 100 billion mobile devices in a year! Almost 20 billion G21 has been sold alone till date and it is very challenging to give OS upgrades to all of these. Usually Nokia/HMD releases OS upgrades in waves and it may take 5 to 7 years to cover all the devices. G21 has released only a year ago. Nokia/HMD always keeps its promise and hopefully we will get Android 12 up till 2030. So, keep your fingers crossed!

  • Android updates are usually rolled out gradually in different regions and countries over a period of time. This means that some users may receive the update earlier than others. It's also possible that the update may have been released in some areas, but not yet in others.

  • ecoc
    ecoc ✭✭
    1. install a VPN app, the F-Secure Freedom works well.
    2. Run the app and choose a location where you know the update is out (for G21 was Finland).
    3. Turn off the device with the WiFi connection switched off and SIM removed
    4. Turn back on, ensuring the VPN starts straight away
    5. In the settings, apps, widen the app list by clicking the three dots top right corner, and selecting ‘show system’
    6. Find LocationServices and cluck ‘Storage and Cache’, then ‘Clear Storage’
    7. Also, ‘Clear Storage’ for the Google app, and Google Play Store (under Google Play Services select Manage Space, Clear All Data)
    8. Reboot, making sure the VPN app is on when Wifi connects
    9. Now check for an update (reinsert SIM once the update is fully installed)