New Software Update received in India today - Android 12 (v2.640)

Rajan Patil
Rajan Patil ✭✭
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Not sure exactly what this update packs within. If someone already updated, please let me know if it's better or shittier.


  • mantra mehta
    mantra mehta ✭✭
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    It is good my battery is better now and the prediction of how many days the battery is now good now there is a new thing in setting memory it just clean the ram memory and the battery didn't die over night it used to

  • Hello Team,

    Yesterday i have updated the Nokia G21 OS but after update old Android to latest Android 12 OS version, but i am unable to on Hotspot. Please suggest how resolve the solution.


    Dinesh Choudhary+91 9571776000

  • Jaya sp
    Jaya sp ✭✭

    Same here😣

  • After A12 upgrade

    When changing the hot spot name, password and AP band to 2.4 in Hotspot and tethering - wifi hotspot option it (Hotspot) worked. Model TA-1405

    But 4G+ is still not enabled. Only works with 4G. Do anyone know how to enable it

  • I have updated mine yesterday it works perfectly no problem

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