Back glass panel

I broke my nokia 6.1 plus back glass panel. What is the estimated cost of repair/replacement of the back panel.

Back glass panel

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I broke my nokia 6.1 plus back glass panel. What is the estimated cost of repair/replacement of the back panel.


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    How did u break it? You had any protection 0n it or not?
    Cost of repairing back blass is 3200 though.
  • user1537258007464 user1537258007464
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    No there was no protection.. Mobile fell from a height of approx half metre facing screen bt crack appeared on back來. ₹3200 it is much higher that i imagined.
  • My touch pad broken means small heir crack on bottom. If I want to change it how much it cost me.
  • When I bought back panel glass ???
  • Sahil Sharma Sahil Sharma
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    Can I replace the back glass panel of Nokia 6.1 plus from any Nokia service centre..?
  • Yes you can but as per the info shared by nokia service centres spares of nokia 6.1 plus are not available at the moment. It might take couple of days to reach service centres.
  • My Nokia 6.1 plus back glass is broken...what is the cost to replace it? Is it now available in Nokia service centres?
  • It's ₹4400...i don't know why nokia is not charging the actual amount of phone in repairing the glass. Nokia should cost it ₹15999. ridiculous... Nokia it's made of glass not titanium.. I am done with nokia and i will make sure none of mine known will buy nokia again... Too expensive spares
  • My Nokia 6.1 Plus Glass Panel is damaged hence I would to like to know when we will get fibre/ plastic back panel in the market. Adding Glass Panel  to Rear Part is not right decision.


    Anit Srivastava

  • My trust is totally broken along with the back panel. From now onwards - Nokia ki No-kia...
  • And the most frustrating part is nokia is not bothered about our suffering... I have a complaint registered about the price of back panel and it's almost 1 month has passed and nokia is working on priority basis. I don't understand if this is their priority basis then what will be regular basis. Sad but true another dawn for nokia is not far. The customer service will be responsible for the doom of nokia this time.
  • My display shows weird lighting at the bottom right corner..I think I should change the display..what is the cost of screen replacement...pls tell me
  • Where do i get to replace the back plate
    and What is the replacement cost?
  • You can find that in your nearby Nokia service centre and for the back glass panel the cost is ₹ 2000.
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