News: android 13 is out for nokia G10

today i got android 13 update for nokia g10


  • ecoc
    ecoc ✭✭

    Works perfect,thanks Nokia

  • mbppjghwwqlqzenqjm
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    Issue: Night Light Flickers After Upgrade to Android 13

    After upgrade to android 13 I started having problems with the night light. It's more visible if I have system dark theme disabled and navigate in apps or system settings. For example right after I enter a submenu in Settings, the night light is at only half the intensity it should be, then after 1 second it goes to the full intensity.

    Is this a known issue? Is the team working on a fix?

  • mha01
    mha01 ✭✭

    i updated my G10 to android 13 and i have night light flicker, i cant force stope Apps any more, my device got slow clearly, all of apps open when i restart the phone and it increases battery usage, most of Apps crush and they dont work correctly and apps open with delay, i have not these issue with android 12, but android 13 destroy myphone, please help me, how can i downgrade to android 12 , or release new update and solve these problems. android 12 was great but android 13 is worst my exprience.

  • I did go for a update to Android 13 on my Nokia G10. Now the phone is in a loop, after I put in the password for unlocking the screen it starts again. I don't know how to fix this. Is there anyone how can help me?

  • Issue: app opening animation glitch

    Ever since I got android 13 on my Nokia g10 the app opening animation has been glitched and I tried to erase my device but it's still not working. is anyone else experiencing the issue?


  • This has always been a bad phone, which went worse after android 12 so I would never have downloaded A 13. It crashed and wouldn't restart, I left it overnight, booted the following day and found it had installed the 13 update itself, Now my already bad phone is even worse again. Issues with network and mobile data, camera is deathly slow, similar to those stated. Anyone looking to buy a low-end basic phone, DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH. The Nokia G10 is not fit for purpose, it is a Dumbphone.