Camera update for Nokia 6.1

When will Nokia 6.1 get camera update..

Camera update for Nokia 6.1

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When will Nokia 6.1 get camera update..


  • Auki Auki
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    This fon is abandoned by hmd ,,no camera updates ,no security patch and no firmware or even kernel and os updates!!!sometimes even the camera software is just fine but the kernel update and firmware might have issues ,,,not necessarily the Android os,,so let them upstream kernel versions and also tweak it for power efficiency and also try and mod the firmware to be better adaptive to users needs
  • May be end of the month
  • rrr rrr
    i was use nokia lumia 730 & its camera was good. this time nokia 6.1 i use. both phone use Zeiss optics lens. but 6.1 quality is poor this time. front camera have portrait mode but other not. all good quality improve in next update, i hope

    Nokia is good but do much better. quality assurance is the policy of Nokia.
  • user1533590998623 user1533590998623
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    The new Camera update of Nokia 6.1 has new interface but it removed HDR mode option that existed in previous version. And the front camera image processing takes so long that you can visit Pluto and plan for return journey. The image quality sucks in new update. NOKIA, we don't need emojis on our face, all we need is Better image quality. Hope you restore the previous HDR mode.
  • @user1533590998623, There is an Auto HDR mode you can find in Settings. So Auto HDR still exists, but it seems you're right that there's no way to turn it always on.

  • HappyTraveller HappyTraveller
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    The camera update features look great.
    Took a low light close up picture, as previously low light pictures were not great, and focus was slow. Focus is now supurb. However, this picture for the last five minutes is 'Processing'. Took it on standard mode, no fancy features.
    Ten minutes later rebooted the phone, picture was OK, and then able to delete.
    Took another happy snappy shot sitting here in the office, and is 'Processing' again.
    Only low res shots at .9MP 1280 x 720 42kb. Just keeps 'Processing'.
    Reboot phone again, still 'Processing', cannot delete. Reboot phone again now can delete photo.
    Reset Settings > Restore default camera settings, made no difference.
    Sadly not ready for prime time.
  • The Processing bug is related to images saved on sd card. Please change save location on internal memory and all will be ok.
  • rrr rrr
    i have no camera update. my camera app version is 8.0260.80. i have no update. and not show in my play store. only nokia support show by hmd global
  • HappyTraveller HappyTraveller
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    I think the camera update may have been temporarily removed for bug fixes. I have another two recently purchased Nokia 6.1 2018 with all updates that haven't had the camera update.
    On my own phone which has had the camera update is Version 90.9.1125.10.
    The only camera can find for Nokia HMD on the PlayStore is this one:
    Cannot see the version number as it says 'version varies with device'.
    Another thing I am wondering, did they roll out the wrong version of the camera for the Nokia 6.1 and they rolled out a version for a higher model. Perhaps the reason we haven't seen a bug fix for the issue saving to microSD card.
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