My Nokia G21 is upgraded to Android 13

Just received Android 13 ungrade on my Nokia G21 device. Bugs are fixed from the last ungrade i.e. hotspot on issue, OTT platforms (Amazon, Sony LIV, Disney+ Hotstar) aspect ratio issue. It feels like the phone is much more stable. Whole UI looks much more compact, clean and smooth (maybe atleast I want to assume that😄). Let's see where time brings my opinion about this upgrade ;)


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    What region do you have?

  • I just updated to Android 13 and man i gotta say I'm finally happy. I was disappointed. as I bought a Nokia mobile since i only wanted a stock Android experience. When my phone received Android 12 the bugs swarmed in... Calling wasn't workin while using Bluetooth! What the f was even that bug! And after recent international Android 12 release they gave everyone a updated Android 12 which had some serious ui bugs but i was hoping that system bugs will be fixed. But no, the bugs even got worse! The hotspot stopped working! Like man tf? I was like man Nokia ain't gonna do anything about it even i contacted them so i started to adjust myself... But today surprisingly they released Android 13 and man this version fixed all known issues for me! Everything's pure stock and it feels awesome using this device now! The UI is having a bugs here and there but to masses that won't be an issue. But as a graphic designer myself it still bugs me... So, here's my advice to make this Android 13 even better...

    1. The clock in lockscreen when no notifications are present is insanely large. I manually reduceddisplay size and even after that it's this big...

    2. No one handed mode...

    3. When trying to access app info the text and icon don't look right.

    4. The Google assistant is not having latest ui.. its like if i was using assistant from Android 9

    5. Notification tile edit button isn't roung cornered.

    I'll be updating this thread whenever I find a new UI bug or system bug...

  • Bro what's your device model. We all want to know. Because we just got android 12 2 weeks ago.

  • Received the new Update on my G21. Most of the issues and improvements have been done. BUT.... THE PHONE "GLOWS MILDLY" EVEN WHEN BATTERY SAVER IS ACTIVATED, THIS IS CONSTANTLY DRAINING THE BATTERY NOW.


  • Idk man... But i think it depends more on region than device model. I'm from India and India Nokia models usually receive the second wave of software updates. First waves are usually Nokia's home country and 3rd wave contains Pakistan and Nigeria... I think it depends on which country you live to receive updates...

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    @Jospher Kanna i don't know all models have same Android 13,but Android 13 have ui improvement as you said in point 1 and point 2.


    On the system - lock screen,untick the option double line clock.then clock will be small and situated on top left. handed mode

    On system - accessibility - system controls - one handed mode.

    Check about it.its found on my device.

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    For those who want to know my device model, it's TA-1418 and region is India.

  • I can't seen to find it...

    And about the clock i want the centred clock but in a smaller size that should be fixed by software devs...

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    I'm having issue playing media while connected to Bluetooth devices in G21 after Android 13 update. Even video in YouTube doesn't play and audio is muted as well. Anyone else experiencing this issue??

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    I was updated my nokia G21 Android 13 . But I miss out long screenshot facility. How this facility can be reviewed

  • You got to do a factory reset. Take a backup of everything before you do this tho

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    @Jospher Kanna  - Can you please confirm 4G+ is working? It has not been working for me from Android 11 and also in Android 12. When checking with Nokia care they told it will be rectified on future update. It really affects mobile data speed. Thanks.