Aggressive app-killing in background after update to Android 13

Very sad to see my phone has lost some of its most important functionality since it got updated to Android 13 (build number 00WW_3_290). With the exception of built-in apps (i.e. Google apps) and random apps at times, I don't receive any notifications anymore especially when the phone has been sleeping for a while. Apps like Twitter, Microsoft Teams and Discord are barely or not giving me any notifications at all, leading me to believe that they are being completely terminated in the background after the app or the phone has not been actively in use for a while. I also find that the screen filter app I use (Twilight) gets randomly terminated when the phone is asleep, forcing me to start it manually every time when the screen is normally supposed to start dimming. The accessibility setting for Twilight seems to get reset over and over too, which further prevents Twilight from working properly. Even a factory reset did not resolve these issues. Adaptive Battery settings are off and I also checked per app that the battery setting is either 'Optimized' or 'Unrestricted'. In its current state the phone is causing major inconveniences. This really needs to be addressed.



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    Facing same issues after Android 13 update

  • My G20 has been misbehaving since I updated to Android 13. my apps are always restricted even if I reset my adaptive mode. How do I resolve?

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    i have the same problem.

    factory reset dont resolve it,i have tried several things but the phone keeps killing applications randomly and i cant get notifications until i enter the application,google apps work fine.

    i have restricted several apps that i do not usually use ,this way the phone dont kill so many random apps.

    the last patch of may doesn't fix the problem.

    any solution?

  • Same here. Have disabled or enabled everything recommended in about 20 Web pages and the apps keep closing.

    There does not seem to be a way to report bugs to Nokia. Anyone know of one?

    This basically makes my phone useless except for playing games. I can do that better on other devices.

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    i try to contact support via mail,but the only thing i get is an error

    i got this mail via chat

    [email protected]

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    I'm using G20 but do not have much problem after android 13 upgrade. I think the best solution is to do regular updates to your apps.