Android 13 V3.490 update arrived

Today I was surprised by yet another system update V3.490. This only 1 month after the 470 update. Good to see Nokia finally shows some care for it's customers.

All seems to be working fine. I hope this also fixes the last bluetooth problems. Since I'm on a holiday I can't check this myself.


  • Hi dude, where u from? I got nothing yet in Spain...

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Nothing in India too

  • abecedario
    abecedario ✭✭✭

    Received it today in Italy

  • elmorv
    elmorv ✭✭

    Could someone tell me how to do screen mirroring of video from facebook to smart samsung tv?

    I want to watch nba basketball from my Nokia X20 to a bigger screen in our samsung tv.

    Thank you.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    I got the update in India.its about performance improvement.iam having trouble in cell network.hope this fix

  • Help... When I received 3.470 update all my problems were fixed, I thought finally I can have hands-free in car again and all phone services worked as they should. Now yesterday I received update 3.490 and I have no wifi calling again and no settings at all under calls and SMS in menu. I have not tried hands-free in car yet but I'm just so disappointed this update has problems.