Android 13 upgrade disappeared from my Nokia G20

On the process of downloading the Android 13 version for my Nokia G20, it disappeared, when I try to search update for the new android version, it shows no update available and displays my Current Android 12 version only


    AMJITH ✭✭✭
    edited April 27

    Do other phones have same problem,if so they

    found bugs

  • Azubuike
    Azubuike ✭✭

    I experienced the same issue,and up until now I haven't received anything yet. What could be the problem.

  • Hello dear friend,

    there may be no more updates for your region. Change your IP and check again whether the Android 13 update has been released for you or not. If no update is released, your custom ROM is probably different. To update to Android 13, you can give your phone to a mobile store to change its custom ROM and install Android 13 for you.