Why no KaiOS Nokia phones in India?

Saumya Ranjan
Saumya Ranjan ✭✭
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Hey there, I just wanted to express my disappointment about the lack of Nokia's KaiOS-powered phones in the Indian market. I was really looking forward to experiencing the benefits of KaiOS on a Nokia device, but it seems like there aren't any available. Do you happen to know why Nokia hasn't released any KaiOS phones in India? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.



    CAVBR ✭✭
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    Same problem in Brazil.

    We even have new feature phones, like the 105 (2022), the 105 4G (2021) and the 2660 Flip (still in the certification process), but none of them come with KaiOS.

    It is even possible to acquire a device with KaiOS like the Nokia 6300 Flip or the Nokia 2720 Flip, but unofficially.

  • To check availability of Nokia KaiOS phones, or any specific phone model, in India can be influenced by various factors, including market demand, regulatory requirements, manufacturing and distribution strategies, and business decisions made by the phone manufacturer or service providers.