Nokia G 21(TA-1418) Bluetooth not working Android 13

Munz ✭✭

Hi, I just got an update for G 21 and moved to Android 13, but like android 12 bluetooth is still not working. Really annoying as you cannot connect it to any audio device. Support also gave the scripted solution to wait for an update or by going to developer mode and making few tweaks..unfortunately moving to androud 13 is even not the solution & recomended tweaks are also not resolving the issue. Probably it requires a fix via OTA update. I am from Pakistan.

Any one else facing same or found any interim fix, please drop a reply below.


  • After A13 my Bluetooth was also stop working so I did a factory reset and everything is fixed in Mobile and good as new

  • Munz
    Munz ✭✭

    I did same but still not working, even when it was upgraded to 12 it stopped working as well.

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    Disable bluetooth hardware offload in developer options and restart the device and check if it helps

  • Munz
    Munz ✭✭

    Hi thankyou, for assisting but unfortunately that option is not enabled and I cannot make any selection, it is disabled and checkd by default.

  • Munz
    Munz ✭✭

    Thankyou joe, you made my day i managed to get hold if this option and disabled it. Every thing is fine now.

  • Munz
    Munz ✭✭

    One more issue when u turn off the developer mode, it reverts to previous state and stops working. So i need to keep this developer option enabled, right ?

  • Espadamike
    Espadamike ✭✭

    The disabling options works but only for audio out, with applications like teams and phone calls, the audio is choppy and unusable, an OTA update fix will be needed

  • The same thing happens to me, I have to keep the developer option enabled, if I close it, it restarts and stops working. Is there any other way? Do I have to leave the developer option enabled then?

    THIENTA ✭✭

    Merci beaucoup Joe, ça a fonctionné pour moi. Nokia doit absolument prendre les dispositions nécessaires pour la résolution du problème.

  • Still there is no update for this issue. I am still t able to play sound via Bluetooth using my Nokia G21.

    Nokia team please look into it.