Android 13 update makes many issues

Nokia g21 turns on automatically while put on charging after Android 13 update ..


  • Battery also drains faster

  • speakers stopped working after Android 13 update

  • kcnla01
    kcnla01 ✭✭

    Device  doesn't charge properly. Not sure Nokia Mobile team really have planning fixing or not. From Android 12 until Android 13. The charge problem still not yet to resolve.

  • G21, randomly booting after update to android 13

  • Alkan
    Alkan ✭✭

    My G21 was working very well after Android 13 update. However Bluetooth failed to play audio after some weeks so I used the developer setting to disable some Bluetooth settings. The Bluetooth eventually returned to full function and I was able to listen to music on my Bluetooth speaker.

    The camera is very good outside in sunlight. Not so anywhere else.

    The video recording was pretty good even without stabilisation

  • I have finally found out solution for Bluetooth not connecting, just go to developer options ( Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload ) it will ask you to restart your phone and you are good to go. Just do it and thank me later, it work like magic.

  • fernando02
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    Just 3 months after buying the phone G21 it upgraded to Android 13 the sound died. It literally made no sound at all. Nokia "replaced" my motherboard (probably they sent me a refurbished phone). The phone arrives, already with Android 13 installed. The battery barely lasts a day, security updates don't install, they always fail during installation (What good is a damn Android One that doesn't accept security patches.), the camera doesn't save half the photos and the touch screen works much worse. I sent it back to the technical service and they have replied that the phone has no faults and that they send it back to me.

    It is a real phone and technical service botch. How low have you sunk Nokia!

  • fernando02
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    • repeated.

  • My Nokia G21 was running perfectly. But post Android 13 Upgrade started facing a lot of issues.

    Issues Faced :

    1) Speaker volume not audible.

    2) Sometimes, phone screen doesn't start after screen lock. It takes 5-10 minutes for the screen display to become visible again. Meanwhile, the device becomes superhot.

    3) Nokia G21 automatically restarts itself sporadically at irregular intervals while in use.

    These issues started occurring after the recent Android 13 Upgrade. Please Help.