4G+ is not working

Is 4g+ is working in G21? Can anyone confirm. If so can anyone let me know how to activate it. Please find the screenshot for difference between 4g and 4g+ (Advanced 4G or Carrier Aggregation) mobile data speed. 4G+ plays a vital role in improving mobile speed in congested areas where mobile data speed is less than 1 Mbps. Also having call drops possible working on outdated 4G mode

Below is Nokia g21 mobile data speed working in 4g mode (Note I have placed 4G screenshot inside the screenshot as screenshot option missed to capture signal area)

Other mobile phone screenshot showing mobile data speed working on 4g+ technology. Snapshot taken at same time, same place, same operator but with different mobile brand


  • Vijaytn
    Vijaytn ✭✭

    Any work around on 4g+ activation. My model No. is TA-1405. Internet speed is bad on travel. Need to go for alternative mobile to improve the data speed. 4g+ is a very basic feature available in all mobiles. My 3+ year old mobile has this feature.

  • vijjiw01
    vijjiw01 ✭✭

    Any update on enabling 4G+. I still don't see this feature is enabled even in A13. Because of this outdated 4g feature in Nokia G21 causes call drops and low internet speed. Kindly help to resolve it. Thanks.