Android 13 randomly resets app permissions

Cico ✭✭

Android 13 is here, and is great, it seems tought that is plagued with a problem that was also known in Pixel devices, but as far as i know, it was FIXED.

The Problem is very annoying, as i have Macrodroid automation app and suddently stuff are not working because permissions are reseted. The gallery app cannot access folder anymore, and alarm apps cannot play on device music, everything turns upside down. VERY annyoing. This should be fixed asap. Especially that it also resets settings back to apps that i do not want to become those permissions. This is a security and privacy BIG issue. I can't believe they they took 8 months to release the android 13 and this problem even tough was very well known in pixel devices, was just imported in NOKIA devices too. Very dissapointing...