Nokia X30 - Gaming problems - Lag between audio and video


I just bought a Nokia X30, and my favorite game, that run smoothly on my Nokia XR20 doesn't work on the Nokia X30 :(

There is a lag between the Video and the Audio of maybe one second which is super disturbing.

Has anyone encountered similar problems or has suggestions on how to solve it?

Thank you :)


  • rayxs01
    rayxs01 ✭✭
    edited July 3

    According to my knowledge navigate to the settings of your Nokia X30, locate the "Apps" or "Applications" section, and find the game that's causing the lag. Clearing the cache and data for the game can sometimes resolve performance-related issues.

  • Syahriel Ibnu
    Syahriel Ibnu ✭✭
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    I can confirm it, on mine, it happens after Android 13 Update this morning. I've tested some games with this situation :

    • All of my tested games were Unity-based, using either the default FMOD audio middleware, CRIWARE or Wwise.
    • All of the games were installed when my Nokia X30 is still Android 12, tested several times, then reinstall after Android 13 Update (I didn't do it by intent of this test, just for normal usage previously)
    • Also tested some non-game apps that have something to do with audio, including the one I developed.

    and this is the result around the situation in my device :

    • Clearing Data / Cache & Reinstalling didn't help
    • As @JF1900 said, it's around 1 second of delay
    • The only unaffected games is the one that uses Wwise (e.g Star Rail)
    • Restarting the device didn't help
    • Normal non-game apps did not have this delay

    If someone have different scenario and also done the test, then please post it, who knows either Nokia, or the middleware developer did something with it. Or if some of my points were wrong, please let me know so I can re-test and correct it.