Reason I gave up on Nokia under HMD

Wilfred Imbukwa
edited May 9 in Phones

I have a Nokia G21 and after using for 9 months, I realised it's too slow and started hanging. Nokia under HMD clearly stated that they are not competing with other phone brands but are only focusing on building a sturdy phone.

Nokia X30 and G60 have finally arrived in my country but are very expensive. I bought the Samsung A34 this month and I can say it's way better than the Nokia X30 and G60 combined and cheaper.

I am a Nokia die hard fan but I am sorry to say that so long as HMD global don't compete with other phone brands, I will never buy a Nokia phone again.

Also note that I have never loved Samsung phones and customer care. But after buying the Samsung phone, I realised their customer care has vastly improved and I will stay with Samsung for a long time.