So whats wrong with Nokia g21 battery after Android 13 update

The phone promise give 3 fay battery life but after Android 13 update it wont last 8 hour even every min drain 1 % like its bug or something i doubt this phone has 5050mah battery i think they put 3500mah one i hope they solve battery bug in new Android stability update


  • vkhoba
    vkhoba ✭✭

    Nokia believe in the store of Horse becoming donkey to follow trend which are not necessary. What is the update display wallpaper colour tint . product n marketing teams listen buddy 90% people use dark theme n keep personal picture on screen. Extra brightness in outdoor which cannot be controlled below 100% it no. Even if 59% brightness is required.

    Seems planning to go out of market again

  • After android 13 update on my Nokia g11 plus, the battery takes forever to charge.

  • After updating to Android 13, the phone's battery life has significantly decreased despite the initial promise of a 3-day duration. It now struggles to last even 8 hours, with a noticeable 1% drain per minute. This issue raises suspicions about the device's actual 5050mAh battery capacity, as it feels more in line with a 3500mAh one. Hopefully, a forthcoming Android stability update will address this battery bug and provide a solution to the problem.

  • Aki K
    Aki K ✭✭

    Send phone to service and wait couple of months to get it back.

  • Wait for next update. Maybe they fix it.