WiFi and HotSpot not working after update to Android 13

Dear Nokia, i have a problem with my G20, after update to Android 13 done via OTA then wifi and hotspot become not working (error) please advise me how to solve it?

i have tried like informs in other post but still remain error


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  • peraroza
    peraroza ✭✭
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    Dear All, this problem already have resolved after system update done last night

    Thanks Nokia

  • raphart
    raphart ✭✭
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    Got it !

    I didn t reset the device, only networks preset and nothing.

    You have to go in setting network and select 2g or 3g, then the device will catch the data network. And after select 4g. And it s all done. But you have to do that every time you restart the device or after airplane mode.

  • Inyene
    Inyene ✭✭
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    Mine has been resolved

    Update the May security patch

    The issue will be corrected


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    You might wanna perform a factory reset and see if it solves your problem.

  • peraroza
    peraroza ✭✭

    i hope it will be solve without perform factory reset 😦

  • thomas larcher
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    Hello. I m french.

    Do you resolv the problem? I have the same with mobile data... Nokia don t resolv pb in the usine

    Thanks you for answers

  • peraroza
    peraroza ✭✭

    @thomas larcher not yet

  • hey, i am also facing the same issue. whenever I want to open my browser it stops and shows No internet connection. can anyone from here check this issue? and let me know it's my mobile fault or my web browser's issue. Also, I am facing music issues due to wifi.

  • katemi
    katemi ✭✭

    reset your phone to factory settings

  • PG-13 dude
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