Bluetooth issues (Again)

Recently my phone (x30) got force fed Android 13, as expected Bluetooth issues soon followed again. It's a ****ing disgrace this happens over and over, each recent Nokia phone I used (8, 7.2, 8.3 and now this x30) has had one or more issies with bluetooth. Especially after updates, which I can't decline.

Current issues are mostly about stability. My car can connect and stream audio, but making a call? **Ck no, impossible.

Connecting to my motorcycle, this makes Bluetooth on the phone crash over and over and over again. The catch, not always. Sometimes it works as it's supposed to....

Perhaps most infuriating, the locksystem at my office uses Bluetooth to authenticate and unlock doors. Since this crappy update called android 13 was forced on my phone I can't enter the building. I have to call a colleague to open the door. Once inside I can get in no single room.

It's so infuriating. Customer support gives the same not working "fix" since that doesn't work send it in for hardware examination... Hasn't worked for the Nokia 8 and 7.2, didn't bother with the 8.3 and won't bother woth this x30 as it's software related not hardware.